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  1. P3x

    520 air cleaner top

    Hi Chev0545, My Air Cleaner top was in bad shape with all chrome flaking off, etc. Spent months/years looking for a nice one. All seemed to be the same as mine - flaking/rusty or over priced. Had a boat with a Yanmar diesel and wanted to touch-up the block. So sanded the Air Cleaner top and painted with Yanmar Gray. Does not look as good as chrome, but fairly nice. Cheers.
  2. P3x

    Snow Plow Scrapper Blade

    I purchased a Poly Blade off eBay and installed last season - or maybe he year prior(?). Live in MA and have not had too much snow since it was installed and looks like it has worn quite a bit. Went with it to avoid damaging the asphalt and it has done a good job in that respect. It came pre-drilled with one edge (top as installed) not having enough meat between the bolts and edge to flip and use again. Bought some 1/2" conveyor belt strips to try when its completely worn. Discussed wear strips on another thread a couple of weeks ago and one member do not recall the name/handle (Old-timers disease kicking in...). He cut strips from old tires to use on his blade. Sounds like an excellent idea - very cheap and should not damage the D-Way surface..
  3. squonk/WHX14, That's great to hear it's a lot less of a chore than I thought. Think I'll install it for this evening's fun. Ordered the cab in Oct. '13 with all intentions to install it right off having only one tractor and using an ST a couple of winters. Generally do put things off as long as this... Found a 310 for a decent price. Installed a plow blade on it with the ST on the 520 for when the snow is too deep and need to throw the piles. The past few winters have not been too bad so seemed to work well. Also picked up a used cab that had the glass WS, wiper blade, and strobe soon after. It was pretty much assembled when I got it and found it a pain to store - (had it suspended from the garage ceiling). Finally sold it and was great to get the room back in the garage - kept the glass and wiper to install with the new cab. Not enjoying the ST face snow showers as much I used to along with storage issues, think I'll bite the bullet and follow the practice of several other member's posts, leave it installed on the 520 as a permanent fixture is a good way to deal with all. Now have to go prep the wife for an evening of bonding in the garage! Thanks for the replies. P3x
  4. Snowing/Blizzard like in MA today as most of the east coast. With the forecast calling for snow the remainder of the day into night with temps taking a deep dive south afterward with temps in the sub-teens and single digits overnight for the next week. So will need to complete snow removal duties as soon as it stops. Conditions are pretty nasty compounded by having had recent elbow surgery. Left arm is in a full cast without a winter coat in my snow removal gear arsenal large enough to cover it. On the bright side it's the left elbow so using the PTO and Motion Ctrl levers will not be a problem. Anyway, purchased a new cab a couple of years ago, procrastinated.... and never installed it. Just manned-up if conditions got to the point where the 310 couldn't push the snow. But think the current situation behooves me to install it. Am interested to get an idea of time required to perform the initial cab install. The tractor is a 1993 520H. I do have a helper (non-mechanically inclined wife) to assist. Think I read a post in the past it takes anywhere from 4-8 hours without running into the inevitable issues typical with install projects. Is this time frame correct? Thank you! P3x in Snowy MA
  5. P3x

    520 with lower RPM’s

    When checking the RPM on my 520, the tach seems to be fairly accurate - at least +/- 100 RPM. But hard to say due to the graduations on the Toro tach gauge vs. the RPM testers I have. All are digital and will indicate down to 1 RPM. Close enough.
  6. P3x

    Plow cutting edge

    Tire Tread... Now why didn't I think of that! Looks like it would do the trick and cheap too.
  7. P3x

    Plow cutting edge

    To save wear and tear on my asphalt drive way, I purchased a Heavy Duty Plastic (HV Yada-Ya) edge for my plow blade wear edge a couple of years ago from eBay. It's worked well but not sure if it will last this winter and is not wide enough to flip. Have read lots of posts with folks using conveyor belt strips for wear edges, deck seals, and a host of other uses. Wanted to give it a try but could not locate a source with reasonable shipping. Saw an an ad on CL from a place selling used Fire Hose with additional "re-purposed materials." They have conveyor belt strips 6"W X 10'L X 1/2" Thick listed for 40 USD and free shipping. Think it would work well with enough material to make two edges fora 48" blade. Going to place an order today and check it out.
  8. P3x

    Air compressor questions, advice?

    Just went through the process to get a new air compressor. Had a Craftsman (Devilbis) 30 Gal. dry lube wheel barrel style Air Comp think it put out 7 CFM @ 90 psi which got me by for over 30 years. Had to rebuild the compressor a couple of years ago but finally decided to replace as it got way too noisy. Need a compressor to power aircraft rivet guns, grinders, sandblast tools and needed a minimum of 10 CFM @ 90 PSI. The vertical units offer large tanks reducing duty cycles for longer duration tasks wanted to stay with the wheel barrel style for ease of portability. After many hours of research decided on a Campbel Hausfeld VT6271 - 26 Gal., HD Cast Iron Comp, oil lubricated and puts out 10.5 CFM @ 90 PSI. They're priced fairly reasonable (500 - 750.00 range) from sources online but shipping costs was an additional 125.00 + which put them out of reach. Home Depot sells them if you're lucky enough to find one in stock. Had a welder scheduled to come over to install body mount brackets on a Corvette I'm working on and needed something fairly quick. While searching the web for the best price found they are available through True Value online for 549.99 with free delivery to your local True Value store. Never considered looking at True Value online but was pleasantly surprised to learn they offer free shipping on anything purchased online for pick up at their stores. Overall a very capable compressor. The duty cycle is a bit frequent when grinding/sand blasting but happy with it so far.
  9. P3x

    310-8 preferred speed for lawn cutting

    I have aRrecycler deck mounted on my 310-8. Have the deck set at its highest setting and have to use 1st High to get the best cut.Painfully slow... Use 2nd gear if only if in a rush (rain coming). In 2nd seems to miss a lot especially in turns no mater how gradual. Figure it may be due to going too fast is not allowing the grass blades to straighten out after going under the front tires/deck compounded by the deck losing vacuum effect set at its highest position. Don't remember having the same cutting issues when using 42/48 SD decks, but like the idea of recycling grass clippings. After the summer heat going to try lowering the deck a few notches and see how it cuts in 2nd.
  10. P3x

    A very bad day......

    If the chunk that fell out is in tact another option is to clean the area as mentioned above (Brake Cleaner) or MEK and use MarineTex Gray to reattach it. It's a high temperature epoxy "impervious" to oil, diesel fuels, etc. Used it many moons ago to seal a crack on a Gray Marine Fireball 6 engine water jacket and did the trick.
  11. Hi Bob, My 520 is a 1993. As usual, did a search on RS regarding switch availability/options prior to doing anything on my end as most issues/dilemmas I run into have already been solved. Did not see your thread... Was thinking installing a pressure gauge would be a nice improvement if a switch was not available. For the price, sounds like the PS-122 would be the cheapest remedy.
  12. Recently had the blinking oil pressure light and shut down on my 520. Started searching on RS about switch availability to get one on hand prior to removing the tins. As it's listed as NLA from Toro, checked with OnanParts.com which has original type - two terminal (NO & NC) switch available (Onan PN 309-0558) for 81.00 Plush shipping. Figured I'd verify the switch was bad before purchasing a replacement. I applied low press air and both terminals checked good on my switch. Found the Oil Press. sense (Dk Blue) wire almost pinched in half by the tins which must be the cause. Spliced the wire and hope that's it. The sender body on the switch has Stewart Warner, Hobbs Division and what looked to be a PN. Mailed SW Cust. Support with the info on the sw. body to see if a superceded PN or replacement is currently available. They do not offer a direct replacement 2 terminal switch set at 5 (+ or - 2 psi) as used in the 520. They do have a 3 terminal NO NC switch available end users can adjust by approx. 1 psi. PN is SW76579. Did a quick search and found it on line for 59.00 plus shipping from a parts vendor. Have to ponder the possibilities three terminals offer...
  13. P3x


    Have not seen it mentioned much, but I've used TORO Red Spray Paint (PN 36110) on my 1993 520H and all implements. It's a high quality enamel paint, goes on thick and smooth with proper preparation and matches my 520's original color 100%. It's available in 12 Oz. Aerosol Cans or by the Gallon. Think Toro also has another PN Red Paint with a color to match earlier models (prior to 1990?). Have painted STs, Decks, etc. and and has proven to be xtremely durable. Paid 10.35/Can at Jack's Small Engines last time purchased. Maybe a little more expensive but think the quality is there. Just my .02.....
  14. Thanks for the recommendations - several look like they'll be a better option than the current light. Never heard of Rural King before; spent a while looking through their site and they seem to have a wide variety with good prices. Do not see many stores like this in the Peoples Republik of MA . Have a TSC being built in the next town, finally will have a place to purchase items without having to order online. Thanks to all.