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  1. Cole

    craftsman deck problem

    Ok, I will try that, I noticed that the raise handle had alot of play in it now that you said it.
  2. Cole

    craftsman deck problem

    Hi all, for the past 3 months I have been in the process of moving to Florida. SO I have alot to catch up on here. I have a 2000 something craftsman lt1000 model 917.271833. The mower deck will not raise over 3 1/2 inches, even though the deck raise on the side works just like normal, I have checked tire pressure and I have also tried tightening the adjustment nuts all the way up but I only gained 1/2 inch. Any Ideas?
  3. I would post some pictures of my plants blooming but someone on here may hunt me down and shoot me
  4. Try an experiment, find and LED bulb like you have, you can find them on ebay or at radio shack for under 20 bucks, and hook it up to a turn signal flasher like the one laying in the top of your tool box, you know how when you have a burnt out turn signal on your vehicle, lets say the driver rear, well then the driver front will flash much faster than normal, kinda like it's had too many cups of coffee, probably 2-3 flashes per sec. because of less power draw or more power, in your case, that's the rate your looking for. all I'm saying is that you need to find an bright LED and a turn signal flasher and test em out, but before you spend some money, try hooking straight up to the power source like duke said.
  5. Perhaps, the internals of the flasher have an adjustable potentiometer for the flash rate, can we have some pictures of the light if you can take it apart, I know one of my Christmas decorations have an adjustable Potentiometer on the inside for the flash rate.
  6. Cole

    Throttle linkage problem...

    I frequently wind up having to remove the bolt in the pivot arm (to the right of the fuel line in your picture) to twist things around enough to move the spring , Did this work for you?
  7. Cole

    Guess what's in the crate!

    DANGIT! I was really looking forward to seeing elvis.
  8. Congatulations!!! you sure do have some skill, always interesting viewing the stig special, Keep us updated.
  9. Cole

    Thanks to Jake Kuhn!!

  10. Cole

    Throttle linkage problem...

    Sounds like the governor is not sensitive enough, try moving the left side of the spring up one hole at a time. If it surges with no change in throttle operation you may need to re-adjust the cable, but we will cross that bridge if we get to it.
  11. Cole

    Nice Christmas Surprise Last Night

    I sure hope that your going to share some of that cake with us, unless it's already gone. :text-merryxmas:
  12. Cole

    A Wheel Horse Christmas

    Great job! You should get that story published, How long did it take you to make of this brilliant poem?
  13. Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your father, glad to see we're not the only wheel horse crazies out there.
  14. Cole

    5-87, The Day it came off the truck.

    When the snow comes, you should find out which one will do a better job. I wonder how many other people on here still are one owners of their wheel horse