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  1. Volfandt

    Front Mount deck carrier

    Good pic. I'm thinking of fab'ing one up using angle iron and the standard front deck quick attach mount as found on an 856. Half to work out the front spindle wheels and belt length among other particulars. Would be nice to find an OEM Wheel Horse front carrier to fit an 856 but whats the odds on that LOL. Good find.
  2. I've got 2 workers. An 856 & 876, Both have specialized type duties. The 856 just did the 1st mow of 2013 this past weekend. This is an older pic w/the blade on the 856 instead of the 36" mower..
  3. Volfandt

    Exhaust Opinions!

    Mike, you are right, my 856 is a worker. Although not as much as it used to be, it has more specialized duties now.. I do like the later model muffler much much better over anything else I've tried, including the OEM dashpot. I liked it so much that I found another used one on ebay and installed it on my sicklebar mower 876 I liked the looks and sound of the stack but in my case it wasn't practical. Heres a pic of my 856 quite a few yrs ago, back when it was full time worker and before I restored it. The muffler setup actually worked pretty well and didn't seem to hinder the performance. It was much better than the OEM dashpot
  4. Volfandt

    Exhaust Opinions!

    I tried a stack on my 856 but grew tired of the smell and taste of exhaust. Went back w/a late model OEM side discharge and like it much better.
  5. It appears that I'm partial to Wheel Horse's 1966 8 HP model's. I've had the 856 for nearly 25 yrs and the 876 about 5. The 856 plows snow (when I get some), does alittle finish mowing, pulls my aerator & 10 cu ft trailer and powers my alternator-welder, The 876 powers my 50" sicklebar mower and is dedicated to mowing a long bank and around my small pond.
  6. Volfandt

    Muffler Question

    I like this muffler on my 66 K181. I ran a Gravely type before and this one is about twice as quiet as it was. The muffler came stock on the 80's 12HP & up models and the chrome piece is actually for the larger Onan 2 cyl mufflers.
  7. Gear motor, thats good to know. It's still pretty strong. That new skinny seal seems to be holding Funny thing, the 876 has been marking it's spot for yrs, about directly underneath the HST, not enough to e concerned so I just kept an eye on the fluid level. Well it's been high and dry since I swapped that seal. It must have been weeping the whole time Dave
  8. Update, I picked up an SKU 11124 seal from NAPA and this seal works! After shineing up/deburing the axle I put a light coat of trans fluid on the axle and around the seal and popped it in. Even tho I had the tractor jacked up and at an angle (the removed wheel up higher) it still dripped out nearly a qt of fluid over night w/the old seal out. Even tho the new seal is almost 1/2 as thick as the OEM I decided not to dirve it all the way in, instead I drove it in just beyond being flush w/the caseing. I poored in about 3/4 qt of Dexron, started it up and engaged the HST. It took a few secounds before it would spin the wheels (both jacked up off the ground) but it finally did and I took it to the extremes to try and get it bled off. It worked! My dual spool hydraulic setup worked great too. I've decided to leave the hub & wheel off overnight just to make sure it doesn't leak. so far after approx 1 hr it hasn't. I don't know if it's a piston to piston or gear unit. How would one tell? When I bought it I had to fix a leak behind the cam block and I also decided to change the fluid and filter. It had red automotive transmission fluid in it so thats what I put back. I used Dexron and it seems to works very well. After looking at it again the HST is a different shade of red than the rest of the tractor so I'm convinced it was swapped out at one point. I'm actiually pretty happy that ot's got a beefier tranny in it but I don't know it's exact model number. I'm going to assume it's a 5054. in any case, I'll be measureing twice and cutting once from now on 1) a shot of the worng seals next to the OEM. The correct seal looked identical to these except it is 1/8" bigger. I got into too much of a hurry installing the correct seal that I didn't pause to take a pic. 2 & 3) a couple shots of the new seal installed. Dave
  9. HydroStaticTransaxle Dave
  10. I started posting in another thread about my seal swap on my 876's HST axles and I've run into a new situation, so I've started a new thread so as not to hijack the other. I ordered a couple 9878 1" axle seals from NAPA and picked them up today. With new seals in hand I went to install them and have run into a new situation.They wouldn't fit and thats because the HST in my 876 has 1 1/8" axles instead of 1" axles. I searched all over it looking for an ID tag or stamping and only came up w/a tag w/90-2019 on the pump. I believe thats a Sundstrand model # and not a WH # but I could be wrong. My guess is the original owner must have swapped HST's. Anyways, I looked up the 1276 HST model # which is 5054 and it came w/ 1 1/8" axles.The seal part number is 6449 and is still available from Toro. I crossed them to SKU seals which are # 11124 and NAPA has one in stock locally. I'll be picking it up tomorrow, I also have an 856 gear and the brake and axle seals have been seeping for yrs now so I went on ahead and ordered 3 new seals for it to. All the seals should come in by Wed. So unless Wheel Horse let some 876's go w/the 5054 HST's from the factory, the original owner I bought the 876 from must have swapped the HST out sometime since he bought it new in 66. I should have measured brfore I ordered but who'd have thunk about haveing a more beefier HST, kind of a pleasent surprise I rekon Dave
  11. My 876's HST also had a leak behind the cam block when I 1st got it Theres 2 oil rings behind the block, a large one that seals the block to the pump housing an a small one that seals the trunion shaft where it goes through the cam block. It appeared that someone had tried to install new o rings and crushed the large one. I say this as it would have leaked big time had it been like this since new.... Theres no groove to hold the large O ring in place while one bolts the cam block housing back up and it's too easy to crush that O ring. Wheel Horse made a kit that supposedly sealed that cam block better but i have no idea what it consisted of. in any case, after i crushed the new large O ring I ordered I ended up just cutting up an old inner tube to make a seal and it's held for approx 3 yrs now. To get at that cam block and remove the cam you'll have to drive out a drive pin and the only way I could figure on how to get at that assembly was to unbolt the hst from the tractor and roll it back. i rigged up a dolly to hold the front of the HST up while i rolled it away and it worked out pretty good. I did a long thread on the repair over on MTF but I'll post a few pics that you might find helpful. 1) tractor split 2) the cam block 3) the crushed OEM O ring 4) the 2 new O rings (I crushed the large one, and reused the small one) 5) you can see the large seal i made out of an inner tube bottom right. I had to use trial an error and you can see a seal I made at the top left that didn't work. Good luck Dave
  12. Volfandt

    1" axle seals were to buy

    Bringing back an old thread for additional info. My 876 blew out one of the axle seals and through research I discovered this thread. I used the SKF cross ref for original seal #5958 which Toro crossed to #100607 and the SKF crossed to #9878 which I can get through NAPA. Thats great and thanks for the info but, in looking at the specs for the 9878 seal it doesn't appear to match the seal I pulled out of the 876 HST. The seal I pulled out is much wide than 0.25 I'm going to attempt to attach a couple pics of the seal I pulled out. The replacement seal appears to be too thin and is constructed differently. Theres a front and back shot of the original seal and a shot of the seal thats listed on NAPA's site. Rekon napa's pic isnt a good representation -or- i shouldn;t woirry and go for it? Thanks Dave
  13. Volfandt


    I have the SMS-506 on my 876 and when I measure between the outer knives on each end I get 50". According to my manual which I'm not sure of the yrs it covers it indicates there were two sicklebar mowers offered. 1) 7-1321 (formally SMS-425) with a 42" knife bar. 2) SML-506 (formally SMS-506) with a 50" knife bar. Altho the 42" is what was spec'ed for the 876, it operates and handles the 50" just fine. I did a quick check of the major assemblys and with the exception of the knife and bar assmebly both SBM's share the same frame and gearbox part numbers. Sounds like you have a 42" sicklebar mower. Dave
  14. Volfandt

    854 Fuel pump . . .

    Looks like you found a vaccum pump. GTG. You are very lucky But incase it doesn't work out or someone else needs a replacement fuel pump for the K161/K181 I'll list the part#, supplier and price I gave for a direct replacement mechanical fuel pump. It is plastic but the one I ordered included several adapter fittings which worked out fine. FYI, there are over 700 spec's/variations of the K181 alone and it used at least 3 different fuel pump variations. I discovered this after much research when my vaccum fuel pump leaked more than it pumped on my 876. In any case the part # is: 41-559-02 (or 4155902) and the price was $32.12 I got it from Tulsa Engine Warehouse and they're on the web and list on ebay. It was a direct boltup and works great, and they're not manufacturer discontinued :whistle: