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  1. Giles

    Mounting small tires.

    I didn't think I needed instructions for mounting a tire, but I read the note and thought--well that's really just common sense---why didn't I think of that???? :)
  2. Giles

    Mounting small tires.

    Yes--that's the idea. When most tires are shipped, they are pressed nearly flat. You are trying to return the tires to their original form. You could leave in the hot sun for a shorter length of time, let them cool--if you are in a hurry. You could also insert an inner tube and inflate to achieve the same results. I hope this helps someone as it did me!
  3. Giles

    Mounting small tires.

    I am fortunate that I have a tractor with front loader bucket. It is a very simple matter to break the bead with the front blade of bucket. In the past, I have placed tire assembly on ground, and ran over it with another vehicle. Primitave but it worked. I had planned to take the new tires and fresh painted rims to a tire dealer for mounting. Before this mounting information was received, I would wrap a ratchet tie down around the tire and it was a hassle.
  4. Giles

    Mounting small tires.

    For some reason, I am not allowed to start a new topic under Mechanical Tips????? I posted this in another forum and got several "Thanks"------- I bought a set of 23 x 8.50-12 lawn tractor tires off eBay. When I received them, dismounting and mounting instructions were included. Instructions--- All rims are desighened to have the tire removed and replaced from either the inside or outside of the rim. Before mounting the tire, be sure the rim sealing area is in good shape. Use appropriate size 2x4 or other method to spread the tire bead app. 1"-2" inches wider then the bead surface of the rim. Leave overnight if possible. Use a rubber lubricant or dish soap on the bead surface. I have mounted many small tires and always had to use a strap around tire to spread the bead to the rims. Not after following these instructions I could not believe how easily the tires were to mount--very little tire tool usage while mounting the tires, I simply added air--with valve core removed---tire beads were touching rim all around
  5. Giles

    Scored a "black hood" today

    I have owned a C175 for close to 30 years. When I first noticed cracking of the rear fenders---around seat mounting---I reinforced the fender/seat assembly with 2" light weight angle iron and extended it past the fenders and installed a rear bumper for mounting my spray rig. The Tractor is original except for seat, tires, belts and blades.
  6. Giles

    Onan Tighter Than Dick's Hatband

    An Onan is different than a Kohler when I comes to setting crank end play Giles. The Onan has a thrust washer on each end of the crankshaft, with shims behing them to adjust the clearance. The bearing plate that closes off the crankcase is bolted up tight with just one gasket, unlike the Kohler where you shim this bearing plate to give you your clearance. Thank you for the explaination.
  7. Giles

    Onan Tighter Than Dick's Hatband

    So I will take out 2 thin spacers in there = 10 thousandths I have rebuilt many small engines but not exactly like yours but shouldn't you be ADDING SHIMS for more clearance??
  8. WELLLLLLLL----Along with this Kubota, my little woman had to have a new pair of work boots and a small purse to have on the tractor!! LOL When she gets the urge to do some more work--weather allowed--I will take a few pictures.
  9. Although I have not had my wife make a direct purchase for me, she has informed me of items she knows about. I feel truely blessed with my women---how many wives love to operate a tractor, willing to learn how to operate a backhoe, loves the smell of diesel fumes and still be feminine at the age of 64???? She liked the looks of a Kubota compact tractor and stated that we could make good use of one, so we bought a B2320 with front loader and she would get up at daylight and use the tractor for a landscaping job we were doing. Nothing pleases me more then to see her enjoying working with equipment. She is also very careful and I have tried to teach her the safe operation of such equipment.
  10. Giles

    Do I really need that gasket...

    In a situation like this, I always ask--'If it was not needed, the manufacturer sure wouldn't use it" Just like a part that has five bolts that attach it--If it didn't need five, they would cut manufacturing cost by using less :dunno:
  11. Giles

    Deck Removal

    I have a C175 and was needing to remove deck for regular service and cleaning. I had a friend over and he watched as I removed it and was shocked at what he saw It has always amazed me as to how simple these decks are to remove--app. 3 minutes to remove and app. 5 minutes to replace. But--I am probably "preaching to the choir" Amazing engineering that is probably non-existent today :wh:
  12. Giles

    Light additions

    I would like to see some of the additional lights that have been added--especially rear work lights. What type were used and where purchased. :dunno:
  13. Giles

    New Tires

    I am still having difficulty posting--When I copied this post and pasted, there was EXTRA wording that I did not copy and paste. I deleted that part so here goes----- About two years ago, I checked with ChinaMart for 23x8.50-12 tires for my Wheel Horse. Could not believe they wanted close to $70 EACH I was at a local tire company, later, and the owner checked his price. He ordered two and included mounting for just over $100. Fast forward two years and I need two more for My G16----I called today and he wants $223.00 This is absolutely UNREAL and it is for Carlisle tires !!
  14. Giles

    Site Problems ??

    This response notification to my post is all I can access. Tried to post a topic and it doesn't work. I'll be patient and maybe I can post later.
  15. Giles

    Site Problems ??

    I just received an eMail notification for my post with no new post??? First time in THREE days to be able to access this web site. I will sure be glad when the problem is found. Maybe this post will go through--if I hurry!!