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  1. cpete1

    A Sobering Day

    I haven't been on the site for quite a while. My wife had breast cancer and we dealt with that all of last year and so far things are good. I guess its ironic that the first day in months I decide to check in I come across this. Ed, everybody ( if I may say so) is pulling for your son. I'll go one more by hoping you are able to continue, helping him through the process. I don't know either one of you but I'm pretty certain your company at the chemo facility is more than welcome. You'll be making some "extended family" at those sessions over the course of time. They are kind of like this forum, some of the nicest sincerest people , you'll ever cross paths with. I hope, with all the dedication I can muster, that the treatments do their work and the process isn't uncomfortable for your son. Everyone reacts differently to chemo. Make certain any discomforts that your son experiences are relayed to his nurses and doctors, they want to help him as much as they can. they can only help if they know. The nausea, any of it, let them know. Our people were amazing and I hope the same is true for you. I , more than understand, the concept of being the "navigator" in all this. There will be tough days from time to time and all you can do is hang in there and bare the brunt of it. You have a considerable following of people who look out for you here. I hope I may be in their company. Chris
  2. cpete1

    Soggy Sunday Agenda

    Just think how lucky you would have been if the BLOWER found the chain for you..... Even your tractor is tired of the snow. I feel for you guys, I had enough about 2 months ago. Hoping you guys get a heat blast soon....
  3. cpete1

    Snow shot Sunday!

    YOU GUYS KEEP IT THERE WITH YOU!!!!!! I'm breaking out in hives just looking at the pictures, got the shakes.... I took my blower off the 16 hp., still have a blade on the 10 hp. but I'M DONE with the snow. We got a tiny bit of freezing rain last night but no white stuff, god all mighty enough already..... Nice pictures though... I hope you guys get a blast of 60 degree air to make it all go away.
  4. Wow Eric, That thing fought you that bad??? How much rust was on the shaft to hold it like that? Just asking for my own info so I know what to anticipate... Chris
  5. cpete1

    ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    Holy Fabricators Batman, That thing is a THING OF BEAUTY, Transmission is definitely truck type stuff with band brake. The plow has parallel arms, angle capacity, hydraulics for gods sake.... wow... (Sorry for "drooling" on the key board guys, I just love this kind of stuff) Mikey, Thank you for the post.... Chris
  6. cpete1

    520-HC getting a workout

    referring to the video your wife took.. They both look capable but the way yours was throwing snow was wild, plus you're were you were moving into it at a good clip.
  7. cpete1

    520-HC getting a workout

    that thing is a snow eating MONSTER....
  8. Thanks for the pictures gentlemen, and the reports. We've missed this for once. The last storm we had was the wetter heavy stuff and the "blower clogging" thing ain't no fun at all. Hope you guys all manage ok and the power stays on for you. Warmer weather is coming...
  9. cpete1

    518-H restoration

    Came out excellent. Paint looks amazing.
  10. How did you do that ? Band saw?
  11. I think we might be on the outskirts of this one. You guys east of us can have this one, More power to you. I'm starting to break out in hives when they mention more snow
  12. I'm not certain Eric but I think maybe Craig is trying to make fun of you.... I mean, its so uncommon to see that here, perhaps you should suggest that Craig do some Late season ice fishing on the Hudson river, seeing as he is so close to it
  13. cpete1

    Cub Cadet Original

    Randy, your restoration looks excellent. My brother had one like that when they first came out. In regards to the fix for the fuel tank , the thought was, the tank has already be repaired a couple times, which can harden the nearby metal, if a weld breaks, its usually just off the weld. Fuel bowl screens aren't that fine as compared to paper filters, with todays gas, doesn't hurt to be on the safe side. We had fuel bowls on the farm tractors, always got a small gas bath when servicing them and the concern about losing the bowl gasket and the screen was always prevalent when in the middle of a hay field. Plus if it does get repaired again, there is the thought of having to tighten the bowl assembly another quarter or half turn to get the fuel outlet end aligned and tweeking the repair again. Plus the one that's on the tractor in the picture looks like the shut-off valve isn't in too good a shape. Ultimately Jeff will figure out what he needs to do. And this forum allows me to look at all the different fixes. Like I said at the top your tractor looks absolutely stellar, brought me back 50 years just looking at it.
  14. When I dropped the knife, the "motor" end of the knife fell partially into a container of 90 wt gear oil, the oil went into the motor of the knife via the ventilation grille on the back. I cleaned it the best I could but the knife never had the speed that it originally had, plus you could smell the residual gear oil burning off the armature when it ran, really bad. There was no way I could not accept blame for the faulty knife so Mom told me to keep the knife, bless her departed soul. I do appreciate your suggestion as to avoiding the situation though very much, too bad I didn't know of you way back then.
  15. "Shaping Foam for seat" Electric carving knife works good too, (Notice picture of custom truck I built long time ago) (Especially the knife your family would use for Thanksgiving carving) I went 3 years without telling anybody. I'd just sit and think about it when we were having turkey... until I finally dropped the knife once into gear oil by mistake, then I had to come clean...still have the knife... Your honey is AWESOME..... Thanks for the electric schematic also. Progress is looking great, That much snow looks scary... Keep posting Eric!! Chris