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  1. Cable


    I was saddened to hear that your dad had passed. The decision you and your brothers had to make is a tough one, a very tough one. You are blessed that all three of you felt the same way. Sometimes that isn’t the case and family can be torn apart. Sounds to me that your brothers are a pretty good bunch. Ed raised some good boys.
  2. This letter was sent by the kanes announcing the first WHCC show. It included several maps. Don Kane, Jeff Kane, and Ed Cole of Toro Corporation, were instrumental in getting started what we all look forward to today, twenty years after the first show. Click the photo below.
  3. Cable

    Thinking about 520H Repower

    I just pulled a P220G from a 1990 520H. It had 453 hours on a working hour meter. I wanted a number of the parts for another restoration. The engine is listed on the York, PA Craigs List, where you can see it, see compression readings that were taken, and there is a link to see and hear it running. $875.
  4. I am parting out a 1990 520H and just go finished pulling off a steering wheel and I think it will fit.
  5. Cable

    First WHCC Show

    Pictures are from the collection of Ed Cole. Help was provided to identify group photo participants by Don Kane, Cindy Kane, and Charlie Culley. Thank you all. The WHCC show has grown from this relatively small size group of participants to the massive size group we have today twenty years later.
  6. Cable

    1989 520-HC Engine rebuild or replace

    I have an Onan P220G-I/10956C that is on a 1990 520H that will be parted out for $885. Tractor has 452 hours. PM me if interested.
  7. Cable

    Changing Mower Blades

    I use a HF air 1/2 inch impact with a 1 1/8 inch socket. One hand holds the impact and the other hand, with a leather glove on, holds the blade itself. Never had any difficulty at all. I do have the Wheel Horse wrench but don't bother to go get.
  8. Cable

    Onan rebuild

    I have an Onan P220G-I/10956C from a 1990 520H now for sale. It is running and presently still on it's tractor. Working hour meter shows 455 +/-. The tractor has other parts that will be used with the rest of my 520H herd. Location is Churchville, Maryland. Had an inquiry to my Craigs List ad from a man who wanted to use the engine on a Steiner to replace an Onan B48GGA020. Neither of us know how compatible the two engines are. Would appreciate comments from anyone who has made such a change.
  9. I will be there with a couple of tractors. Hope to see everyone.
  10. Cable

    Bucket List 420 LSE Added to Collection

    Nothing short of beautiful. Love the seat. Did you get the key fob, zippered literature bag, and manuals with it? The SN is on a decal label on the fender pan right in front of the seat. My PO had made note of the SN on the owners manual. Very nice find and excellent job of cleaning her up!
  11. Cable

    Kohler 25hp Command Pro swap into 520-H

    Excellent write up. Appreciate your effort to share this change.
  12. Cable

    520H drains battery

    I assume you mean is one voltage regulator better than another? Not in my experience. If you look on the inside of the hood stand, there is a warning to not run the tractor without a battery installed. A defect in either the 9-pin connector or fuse block creates an open circuit where the battery is not connected to the regulator. It may be an intermittent open. I have been asked to repair a lot of these connectors and fuse blocks. The problem sometimes presents with a bad regulator that the owner didn't know was bad. For some reason, the Onan regulators are a fairly high mortality item.
  13. Cable

    Red square 420 LSE owners

    Never been featured as far a I know. Love your tractor!
  14. Cable

    520H drains battery

    Yes on the voltage regulator. One thing about the 520's electrical, they are never truly turned off, Even with the ignition switch in the off position there is a path for current to flow from the voltage regulator to the battery. That is why a defective regulator can discharge a healthy battery.