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  1. jimbo7921

    Swivel handle or trigger

    Better work or i will b peeved... i guess thats what i get for waiting for the snow to show up first.
  2. jimbo7921

    Swivel handle or trigger

    All done took about 15 mins finished
  3. jimbo7921

    Swivel handle or trigger

    Thx fir the picks and dimensions pfrederi. Thx for the suggestion jim but i work in a fab shop so the $45 on ebay is a little rich for me.
  4. Hi there was looking to fab up the trigger or handle that u use to swivel the plow. Was wondering if anybody had dimensions of that part. Thx for your time. Jim
  5. jimbo7921

    520 plow extension dimensions

    Thats perfect thx alot. The sides r just 1/4 flat bar right? Not likely gonna matter since i dont have the proper tooling to bend it, gonna have to weld each side up. Oops just seen the size of material. My bad
  6. jimbo7921

    520 plow extension dimensions

    Does anyone know the thickness of material that the back piece with 3/4 bar is welded into? Im assuming its 1/4 inch but kinda impossible to tell buy any pics ive seen. Thx jim
  7. jimbo7921

    520 plow extension dimensions

    Thx that will b very helpful. Have more questions about the handle though haven't been able to find a good enough pic that shows if there is a 1 to 2 inch bend in it like the one i have on my current handle. Wood anyone know the part number for the handle off the top of there head? Parts tree has decent pics for refrence if needed. Also was wondering the thickness of material of the back bracket. Thx jim
  8. Hey there i was curious if anyone has ever posted the dimensions of the pieces to build your own extension kit, ive been searching the site with no luck. I have access to a laser cutter at work so i just need need to make a cad file to cut my parts. Any help wood b appreciated thx jim
  9. Cracked my frame in the exact same spot on both sides. alls i did was jack the tractor a bit in the middle to make sure the crack was closed and square and then welded some rod underneath the bars to tie together and it was good to go.
  10. jimbo7921

    520-h with no power

    Im throwing this one out for the experts since im far from it. Couple weeks ago went to start the tractor and got nothing turned the key and not even my warning lights wood start up like normal so i checked a few things like the fuses and a few connections and found nothing so i left it for a few hours went back and turned the key over 10 - 15 times and then bang it started. Have used it a few more times since with no issues. Went out this weekend and nothing again. Im figuring its the ignition switch since i have power no where im i off base or wood this b the logical assumption? Thx jim
  11. jimbo7921

    520h with spark and gas wont start

    Ok waiting on a buddy to help me with a compression test. Thought i wood check over a few things while it was down like air filter, threw in new plugs and decided to check the oil pulled the dipstick and got a big wiff of gas in the oil. Is that just flooding the crap out of it or carb issues? Thx jim
  12. jimbo7921

    520h with spark and gas wont start

    Just need to know where to look from there. Started and ran fine yesterday now it wont fire up i am getting fuel and i have spark just not sure what to look at after that. Any ideas wood be appreciated thx jim
  13. man i am jealous!!!!!!! have been pushing white crap since mid November. At least it keeps melting off
  14. jimbo7921

    520-HC Lift not operational

    Had the same problem with mine ended up being that the wieght of the 60 inch deck stretched the threads of the eye bolt conected to the lift arm. u can check all this linkage by removing the plate under the dash
  15. jimbo7921

    New England Blizzard!!!

    Just sittin here getting ready to go out and clean up the foot of snow we got in southwest ontario. Wish i had a blower for that much but the blade will.make out just fine im sure.