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    Model list

    Thanks guys - I feel much better now.
  2. rondo

    Model list

    I used to have a spreadsheet that I got online somewhere of every Wheel Horse model. It started back in the beginning (50's) and went year by year with the model number, engine, trans, etc. Like I said, it was done in a spreadsheet format and I can't remember where I got it from. Crashed my hard drive a while back (I know, I know - back it up) and lost the document. It was extremely handy. I know that I can go to the Toro site and find most things, but this sheet had so much info - all in one place - it was great. Anyone know of this - I'm thinking I probably got it from someone here??
  3. OK. Just picked up a 37" snowthrower in really good shape. Model # 6-6211 makes it about a 1968. I currently own a 1974 B-100 tractor and it doesn't appear that this will fit without some modification(s). Two basic questions: What would I have to mod to make this a fairly easy fit? The Toro website breaks these Garden Tractors into a couple of groups: pre 1974 and then the B and C series after that. Most of the pre group is listed as taking the 6-6211 thrower, or the 6-6212 (after 1969). Are these similar enough (11 vs 12) that I could fit the one that I have on almost any pre '74 Garden Tractor? Or are there significant differences in the 6211 and 6212? Not great at fabbing (no welder, etc.) but I am still looking to increase the herd if the price is right. It would help if I know in advance whether what I have will fit what I'm looking at without a lot of modding. Thanks for any help.
  4. rondo

    Belt 36" SD Deck

    Never mind. Got it.
  5. Question or two on belt replacement. I have the deck lid off, the pullies are exposed and everything seems clean and tight. From what I can see, the idler pulley is fixed. Though there is a spring on an apparent swing arm, the arm is bolted to the deck. Don't know if this is normal or not but when I go to replace the belt, which was broken, is there supposed to be an adjustment on the idler pulley to allow the belt to be placed over all of the pullies and then tightened? Also, the belt seems to be 76" X 3/8", though I'm not sure how much stretch there's been. Does this sound like the right size? By the way, this deck is on my B-100 ('74). Thanks folks.
  6. rondo

    1980 C-175

    I know the question of what a tractor is worth is relative and very over-asked, but I am curious about the value of a C-175. I passed a yard sale kind of event that had two C-175's out front (1980 and 82). Both were auto's, hydro lift, etc. I'll stick with the 1980 for my question(s). Looked kind of rough with a lot of rust and peeling paint, broken plastic under seat and rear fenders, actual seat was shot and generally tough looking. The attachments that were available were very used looking also, but all worked. The engine had been rebuilt about three seasons ago and it comes with a tiller, single stage snowblower and a really nice condition rear discharge deck. He wants $800 for the package and I might be able to get a plow/dozer blade too. At first sight the visual condition would make me think twice, but it runs really nice and I ran the tiller a bit (worked good). There's a slight hydro leak which causes the lift to drop over time and I don't know if that's serious or not, but I'm looking for thoughts on that. Again, knowing that price/value is kind of relative does $800 sound OK or just way out of line either way? Thanks guys.
  7. Haven't used the Horse to cut yet this year - until tonight. Set it up and have two issues. One is minor and I'll fix it - go into that in another thread. Bigger issue is the deck. It misses lines as it cuts - like one or more of the blades (3 total) isn't turning, or at least not turning well enough to cut. I think it may have started to do it late last year, but it's not consistent. In fact, when I started out tonight it was cutting fine, then I could hear it change tone a little and suddenly it was leaving uncut patches about 2-3 inches wide. Hard to tell exactly where it's missing, it's not always exact - almost like something is slipping or mis-timed (if that's even possible). A little frustrated, but hopefully someone has dealt with this before. By the way it's a B-100. Thanks guys.
  8. Hey guys - been awhile. Got some work to do on the drive and wasn't sure what I can actually expect to accomplish with what I currently have at my disposal - or what I can pick up quick and cheap to add to the tractor package. I've got the B-100 auto with a snow/dozer blade. There's no sleeve or slot hitch with this so I really can't do any rear mounted attachments, at this time - though I'd love to get the hardware to make this a go - not sure what I need. With what I have currently what can I get done? The driveway is a mix of crushed asphalt and dirt - lost a lot of the topping over the years - and I want to grade it a bit and then get a load of stone (driveway mix) and move it around. I'm guessing the blade won't get a lot done for the first grading step as the drive is pretty hard and packed. (I also have a different tractor [sorry - but it is red] with a sleeve hitch and I suppose I could borrow a box blade or something, but I'd like to use the Horse, if possible.) Any ideas on what I can do with the plow and also what I need to make the Horse, rear attachment friendly? Been gone a lot this winter, but I'm back - at least for now - and we need to get this place in shape. Good to be back.
  9. rondo

    Are we more alone than we think?

    I live in a fairly rural area (though it's growing) where everyone has decent size yards or acreage of some sort. I have only seen one Horse actually doing something and absolutely none sitting out for sale. I'm in southeastern Michigan - just a bit south and west of Port Huron - and it's a little surprising. There just aren't any around. Even looking at craigslist or swaps papers from the area - nothing much to speak of. The world can be a lonely place, my friends. :thumbs:
  10. rondo

    Winter Chores

    Great looking herd you have there. Gosh - I'm getting jealous...again. :thumbs:
  11. rondo


    Geez, Mike, you're kinda like my idol. Free tractor - awesome. Last time I got something for free it was a dog. He decided at some point to "build a fort" out of my neighbors shrubs. Cost me $300. Guess that isn't actually free...
  12. rondo

    23x9.5x12 tire chains???

    Lotta good places. I just got a set from Ken Jones Tire (see link below). Of course mine were for the smaller 22.5 X 7.5 X 12 but they were only about $60 or so and I got 2 links. http://www.kenjones.com/index.asp?pgid=1
  13. I know that we shouldn't throw stones and, of course, if someone pays for it then I guess he's not too crazy...but what the hey! When will this madness cease?! :wtf: I get a bit dramatic at times...sorry. :hide:
  14. I know that the abilities of these horses come as no surprise to most of you here, but I still am pretty impressed at what these babies can do. With the winds that we've had the past few days I had drifts of 2-3 feet for a good 30 feet of driveway or so. It took me a while - running the drifts with the blade up (kind of skimming), then dropping the blade and pushing the pile. I ended up with 4-5 foot piles of snow and a perfectly clean drive. All this with the B-100 and my skinny fanny on the seat. I have pushed snow in years passed with some of the box store brands of tractor and there just is no comparison. I am constantly amazed at the power, the strength in frame and the overall heart of these tractors. Sorry, got a little excited there, but hey...
  15. rondo

    Gettin some help

    I knew it was just a matter of time - the granddaughter wanting to push a little snow around. Almost took a tumble on the dismount, but made it through.