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  1. WildHorses

    Onan 18 Oil Filter

    Engine Oil filter: WIX 51762 Napa 1762 is the LONG filter, 1374 short. Carquest 85762 is the LONG filter, 85374 is the short. Long sticks out past the flywheel shroud and short is about even with it. Some tractors can't fit the long but it's difficult to get the short one off. I generally use the long one if it fits.
  2. WildHorses

    Americana at its best

    Sorry for your loss. Wow, the guy on the right even looks like Andy only a tad older.
  3. WildHorses

    Wheel horse electric front mount generator

    I'd like to make one that matches the original myself... there was a guy on here who fabbed up one that works ok
  4. WildHorses

    Pulley attachment tiller

    I'm sure you're looking for used and cheap but if you get desperate Lowell makes some really good stuff. https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/tiller.html#!/Wheel-Horse-Toro-Tiller-Bracket-With-Guard/p/84954628/category=23566573
  5. WildHorses

    416H Throttle Creep - How to Fix?

    Yes, I like to use a washer also. I forgot to mention that.
  6. WildHorses

    416H Throttle Creep - How to Fix?

    Drill the rivet at the throttle pivot point with a 1/4" drill bit and replace with a 1/4-20 bolt and lock nut. You can adjust the torque on the nut to adjust how firm you'd like the throttle lever. This was a method the factory Wheel Horse people instructed our dealership to use after replacing throttle cables (with brand new cables) frequently and having creep reoccur within a short period of time. If you peen the rivet it will need to be done again in a short period of time, although it will work if you're in a pinch.
  7. WildHorses


    Very nice!
  8. WildHorses

    The REAL Wheel Horse

    Per my dad "Wheel Horse was a partial sponsor of the horse park. They provided some grounds equipment and owned 2 belgian draft horses that were kept there. One of the sales brochures had a picture of the horses."
  9. WildHorses

    The REAL Wheel Horse

    My parents were dealers and I recall us going to Kentucky Horse park in the late 80's... I would have been 6 or 7 but I don't know why else we would have went unless Wheel Horse was putting on an event there. I'll check with my dad and see if it was Wheel Horse related. I don't recall seeing any tractors that day but with all of the large horses and things, tractors being a daily occurrence in my life, I may have not noticed them. Most of our vacations and trips back then revolved around Wheel Horse events so I think it's highly likely.
  10. WildHorses

    my super secret new toy......well sort of

    Wow, that's amazing.
  11. WildHorses

    Wheel Horse D-250 w/ ARK 550 Loader

    Would you trade for a nice original condition barn find 754?
  12. WildHorses

    416 wiring harness

    416 Onan twin or 416 Kohler single?
  13. WildHorses

    Wheel Horse dump cart and snow plow

    Thanks Ted
  14. WildHorses


    That's awesome!