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    flying,fishing,and tinkering with tractors, big and little.
  1. jerrell

    K181 Valve

    :scratchead: Mike , i had the valves sticking on my 17hp Kohler ran really rough, was going to pull the valves and work on them, an old friend came over and he rebuilds small engines and told me to watch him, he took a 1/4 cup of auto tranny fluid , reved the engine up poured the fluid down the carb, that thing smoked like you wouldn't believe, the motor cleaned up almost immediately and quit smoking in about 5 min. havn't had a bit of trouble since, never heard of this before but i saw him do it and my motor runs perfectly now. go figure. :hide:
  2. Returning home from work yesterday my wife was driving and a pickup meeting her stopped with his turn signal on for a left turn, waiting until my wife passed him, a third pickup rammed the stoped pickup knocking it into the path of my wife, it spun his truck 180* ,two men who was not wearing seat belts were seriously injured )head injuries) the force of the crash forced my wife between the steering wheel and the driver's door, the driver who caused the accident did not receive anything but a ticket. no injuries... my wife and the trouble maker was wearing seatbelts..all were taken to the ER and my wife has neck , back and left leg pain, has to see a nerouroligst. she is home now and just contusions and black and blue.. this is my dually and the truck that hit her the truck that hit sonya and the trouble maker, he didn't receive a scratch,
  3. jerrell

    electric PTO

    :omg: dennis don't know about that model but i removed one from the motor on my 20 hp onan and there was two bolts, one in the end of the shaft, and the one holding the clutch from spinning with the shaft, did you remove it?? seems it would have to have one,,,just a thought. :drool:
  4. jerrell

    Memorial Day

    :drool: Duke, i was in Viet Nam three times, and know what you are talking about, on my last tour of duty there , we landed in san francisco and we were met with about 200 protesters that threw dog poop on us and spit on us , i still have a lot of anger built up about the way we were treated back then, thank god the men and women serving today does not have to put up with that, and like you i have had family that has served, in fact i am the seventh of seven sons and we have all been in the service, we have represented every branch of the military except the coast guard.. we have 5 purple hearts and the silver star between all of us.. thank god we all made it home safe a great many didn't ,,,Now it's just one older brother age 72 and me left,, they all called me the baby of the family I'm still proud to say i served... and thanks to all you veterans for your service.. :(
  5. jerrell

    Interesting, but maybe controversial

    :drool: T-MO since you got high speed you been posting a lot of long downloads, and i envy the dickens out of it, i couldn't get it to download without my pc shutting down, but i can guess what it pertained to with what i did see, post away with patrotic there is nothing wrong with that , big differrence between political and patrotic, sure everyone will agree. the american way
  6. jerrell

    First mow of the year!

    :omg: you guys are lucky, since the middle of april we have had 26 in of rain and it is raining now. out of that time we had 2 days of sun, i mowed one time about 2 weeks ago. my lawn grass is about 6 to 9 in tall now and gonna be a bugger to mow. almost all gardens are ruined , the plants drowned or rotted, my tomatoes and onions, corn are doing ok in the barrels , i guess they are draining out but the plants i had in the ground are gone, but thankful we have had no really serious weather like MO had last nite,
  7. jerrell

    prayer for the duke

    MJ and Duke, take care of yourselves , and you both are in my prayers.
  8. jerrell


    :omg: Hodge that has happened to me before in reverse , and that is the reason i always have a bill of sale with me i just write in the info, (you can also just write one out on a piece of paper) i learned the hard way although i got the money anyway, i was just lucky, i sold a bronco 11 to a person and had him sign a BOS as is where is, he drove the truck off and about 20 miles away and left it on the side of the road and called me and said he was cancelling the check, i told him he bought it as is where is and he said he didn't care, i took him to court and got my money plus the cost of getting the truck back,, i always get a BOS because now days you can't tell what or where the equipment came from. i also believe that your word and a handshake is as binding as a signed contract, but lately i find it is also neccessary to have the BOS and you know the really honest persons don't mind signing one.. in saying that i have bought items from members here and have absolutely no issues, everthing i have bought has been as described and worth what i paid for it..
  9. jerrell

    wheel horse 603

    :omg: well i got the 603 and the new (blue) HF engine (going to paint it red) i got the 11 hp model and am ready to start working on it, going to strip it down and sand or sandblast all the metal frame, hood and things, and repaint, \ i believe it was jason and few others that identified it for me, and gave me info on it, if someone has one of these would you please post some pics of the side with the belt guard on , understand that it had a unique steering wheel and are extremely hard to find, if someone has one laying around please let me know.. also remember a post where the belt guard had to be cut down to fit a bigger engine. did the search and didn't come up with anything any info or directions on this would be greatly appriciated ,,
  10. :omg: this just goes to show you ,,,, serious and funny can go together,, VERY FUNNY,,,good going guys.. :drool:
  11. jerrell

    Dealings with other members

    :omg: Right on Chris, good info, i have bought many item through members here and have NEVER been shorted in any way, i think most if not all members wants to help others and their words mean a lot to them. :drool:
  12. jerrell

    Question for some of the members....

    :drool: is he a member of RS,,Man, this really is a double edged sword, if he posted and really needs the money, sorta like a foreclosure, he will have to take what's offered and end up loseing money, and with a serious illness he may not be online as much attending to the illness on the other hand he may have that tractor or parts, or equipment everone is wanting?? :drool:
  13. jerrell

    Hydaulics Help - C-160

    Justin i think you will have to buy a new hose, i have found that if the hose is leaking between the metal fittings the flared part and the nut to tighten the hose to the cynlinder(ms) it is hard to repair ,, it may be repaired by taking it to a hydraulic shop.?????? they may be able to recrimp the fittings .. there is a lot of the hoses on ebay, i have a c175 and got a set for 10.00, as for the fluid is it a sunstrand or eaton auto, i think the eatons all use oil not ATF, someone will jump in here and give specifics on this, my 175 has an eaton and uses 10-30 oil... on refilling(assumeing this is an eaton) remove the plug at the bottom of the tranny and drain the oil ,(helps to remove the dip stick and have the oil warm) when drained , replace plug and refil. it REALLY helps to remove one of the bolts holding the lift cable guide directly under the seat, this will let oil to be poured into a long neck funnel , into the dip stick pipe, if you don't do this , it will take forever because the air inside the tranny has to escape back up the dip stick tube and it will burp and bubble and take a long time. someone on here will jump in and give you the exact amount of oil to use or you can just keep checking the dip stick, i usually have my oil mesured(ms) out and pour it all in at one time. if you have the sunstrand hydro forget the above as i only have eatons and not familiar with them. hope this helps jerrell
  14. jerrell

    new garden

    :omg: it finally cleared up enough for me to get things finished, here are the stakes and the plants in the ground here is the watering system, have 3 cut off valves , one for each line and can run all three together if wanted. have lots of pressure and i use it to trickle the water , 4 holes into each barrel
  15. jerrell

    IN NEED OF 20hp Horizontal 1 1/8 Shaft

    Hey stumpkicker, check out the "small engine warehouse," got a 20 honda electric start for 860.00, but they have a ton of engines, i was lucky enough to pick up a used 20 hp Onan for 400.00 had to travel 600 miles to get it but it was worth it, the PO had to start it up before accepting the $, pretty rare...