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  1. sorekiwi

    "93 520 project

    Only just saw this thread today Denny (dont get on here very often any more!). Really nice job!
  2. sorekiwi

    Fan screen for hydro on 1276?

    My 1276 doesnt have the screen. About 6 years ago while plowing snow, one side of the plow frame came unhooked from the rear axle bracket. While trying to put it back into place I managed to put the tip of my middle finger into the fan. Cut right thru a thick glove and that fingertip hurts like hell whenever the weather gets cold now. Cant fix stupid.
  3. I used to cover the discharge shoot with a plug made from a few layers of chicken wire (Mesh). It worked well, These days I pick them up with a sweeper and dump them on the vege garden.
  4. sorekiwi

    For those wanting an air cooled diesel to repower with

    Late to this thread, life has been crazy for me this year and I havent been here much. My clone pics are here: http://s270.photobucket.com/user/Sorekiwi/library/Tractor/Diesel?sort=3&page=1 hopefully the link will work, this whole photobucket scam pisses me off. My experience with the diesel has been interesting. I am not hugely impressed with it. I wouldnt want to have spent a whole bunch of money on it. My electric starter has been problematic. It has had a tendency to eat solenoids, even a genuine Hitachi one, I guess there is something deeper in the starter causing the contacts in the starter to die. One day I will get around to looking at this. The motor is noisy. I need an even bigger muffler. It is good on fuel. I would actually prefer to mow with a 20 hp Onan. More power, less noise, smoother, no black smoke. Personally, I wouldnt do it again. I think if I wanted to (relatively) cheaply repower a 3,4,500 series tractor I would go for a 16hp Kohler if I couldnt find a decent Onan. But its been a fun exercise.
  5. sorekiwi

    horsepower pulling an core areator

    Late to the party here. I have a tow behind plug aerator but I dont think it pulls plugs deeper than about 3". I throw two 60 lb sand logs on it for ballast, and pull it just fine with my Lawn Ranger with an 8hp Kohler (and standard 3 speed trans) on it. I dont have steep hills, but I do have some slopes in my yard. If anything I run out of traction in the wet areas and start spinning wheels rather than running out of power
  6. sorekiwi

    front tires

    I've bought tires from them (thru Ebay). and they were fine to deal with.
  7. sorekiwi

    front tires

    Another vote for the 4.00 x 8 tri-ribs.
  8. sorekiwi

    Weight of Onan 20HP

    I dont have data to argue with Gman, but I'm not sure that an Onan weights 100-125 lbs. Ive lifted them onto the bench myself, and I'm not a big guy. Definitely lighter than a big block Kohler, if one old guy with a hernia can do it then "2 guys with bad backs" should be fine.
  9. sorekiwi

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    Lee, I have realized that you know a whole lot more about these than me!! One other difference that I just thought of is that my engine used an exhaust elbow that bolted on with 2 studs, whereas yours has one that threads into the exhaust port
  10. sorekiwi

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    The original engine from my (1962) 502 appears to have the spark plug in the same place as your engine. However I notice it is missing some of the shrouding on top of the cylinder head. Paint on the fins tends to suggest that it was never there? My engine had "5 1/2 HP" decals on it also.
  11. sorekiwi

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    Spec #3089 was used on the 1962 32E Lawn Rangers and the 552 garden tractors.
  12. sorekiwi

    Floor-Jack help

    This is the jack I have. Looks like its still the same price! https://www.napaonline.com/napa/en/p/NLE7916420/NLE7916420 Edit: I also have a slightly lowered Subaru and need to put the front tires on 2x8's to get the jack underneath the front. I think that would be true of all the small floor jacks though.
  13. sorekiwi

    Floor-Jack help

    I bought a good one at NAPA a couple of years ago for $200 and have been very happy with it. We have the same one at work and in 3 or 4 years it has been faultless. I'll try to remember to get a picture or a part # tomorrow.
  14. sorekiwi

    K-161 Recoil Starter

    I've had at least one of those apart before, but I'm in the same position as Molon-Labe above - I dont remember the details. I am fairly sure there was nothing too special about it. Usually I remember if something was a total nightmare! I think I just took it apart, cleaned it, fitted new rope and rewound the old spring. I am about 90 % sure that it was no more a PITA than any other recoil starter. Good luck!
  15. sorekiwi

    Wheel Horse 702 help

    I run Rotella 30wt in summer.