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  1. Zeek

    Relocation Time

    Well, it's been a while since I last posted, but we arrived in Zephyrhills, FL on 10/31 after dodging two hurricanes and diverting through Tenessee which was unplanned. Met some really nice folks along the way and stayed in some beautiful locations. Nice to say I'm NOT in PA dealing with the snow. It was 87 here yesterday, but a front went through dropping it to the high 60's, so it's sorta like PA fall. I miss my garage and tractors (in storage). It's a little weird living in an RV because it greatly restricts your buying ability because your first thought is always "I have no place to put that" Hope all is well and I'll try to stay more connected now that we are finally sitting. No free wifi, so I have to watch data on our jetpack Anyway, here are some spots we were at: Rutledge, GA Aiken, SC Murrell's Inlet, SC Zephyrhills, FL (until May)
  2. I can't say I disagree, even with the HF changer. Tires are a major PIA to mess with and although I haven't done any lately, I will likely drop them off as well if the price is fair.
  3. Zeek

    Relocation Time

    Thanks everyone! I hope to be back in PA for the show next year. I won't have tractors there, but we will likely camp for the duration. Yes, I planned on attending the Florida Flywheelers show. I have the January swap meet and the February show on my calendar!
  4. I have been a little static on the forum lately because we have been getting ready to relocate. I retired from my job on June 30th, put the house on the market July 1st and it sold July 2nd. Specifically, we are going from 2,500 square feet to an RV for a while. So the tractors are packed away in storage for now, because I couldn't part with them. We'll see where we end up. We settle on our house in southcentral PA on 8/22. Jump in the RV and head to northern PA for a few weeks to see family, then work our way south stopping at the following for a couple weeks at a time: Ashland, VA Shawboro, NC Myrtle Beach, SC St. Mary's, GA Zephyrhills, FL (November-April) Tractor packed and headed to storage Everything else we are keeping has to fit in this trailer. Bought the trailer and will get our stuff to where end up and then maybe sell the trailer (at least that's what a told my wife Then we live in this for a while . . .
  5. Zeek

    2018 Big Show or Bust ....

  6. Zeek

    Karl is here

    Karl getting ready for the parade Karl helping load up after the show Karl riding back to Dillsburg to drop off the cargo trailer Karl taking it easy before we unload at home. I think Karl plans on tagging along with us when we sell the house and do the RV thing. We'll see where he ends up . . .
  7. Zeek

    Karl is here

  8. Zeek


    Look at Wheel Horse Collectors Club Show
  9. Zeek

    2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    I'd start there because they can give you all the different tours/start times/etc. I don't recall the specific ones I was on so I don't want to give you bad info.
  10. Zeek

    2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    +2 on the Dobbin House (in the lower level).
  11. Zeek

    2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Not sure what all he's into, but a walk down Baltimore Street is pretty cool because there are a bunch of shops that have all the Gettysburg related stuff. Usually, they have people period dressed walking around there too. There's a huge Harley dealership on Rt. 30 just off Rt. 15 (Battlefield Harley), but again, not sure if that's impressive at 11. The UTZ potato chip factory and factory store in pretty cool in Hanover which is pretty close to where you are. The Battlefield tour itself is good, but if he's not up on that, you are looking at a bunch of fields and rock outcroppings . . . not diminishing it of course, but you have to appreciate what happened there when you are doing it.
  12. Zeek

    2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Sorry, I couldn't help it . . . I'm logging out