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    my simplicity - allis chalmers tractors

    i have some original banana cream B-1's (showroom models back in the day) if your interested. all complete no missing parts plus they run. got a couple landlords as well if your interested in a couple more.
  2. Indeed! Happy Veterans day to all of us that served :thumbs:
  3. ThePartsGuy

    Mans best friend?

    i think they can! I cant wait till she gives me a fawn! I might be a deer hoarder now too :thumbs:
  4. ThePartsGuy

    Mans best friend?

    I thought a dog was suppose to be mans best friend? Im starting to think different. This little deer is the best!! follows me everywhere! I seen this baby all by herself in the spring..actually seen her many times and i never seen her with her mom so im assuming she was hit by a car or shot by a poacher. So i started to feed the deer, i dont know how it lived without a nipple or milk but seems to be doing great now!! I spoil her like there's no other! I never knew deer loved donuts either. Yesterday she came in the house and had pancakes with me Attached Image
  5. ThePartsGuy

    It's coming soon!

    You guys are so nice to count down my birthday. so...whatca all going to get me?
  6. ThePartsGuy

    seat up

    i just tell the old lady that " if i have to pick it up, you can put it down." :thumbs:
  7. ThePartsGuy

    200+ HP Log Splitter

    Yikes! yeah no kidding..be careful with that! I made a splitter this year also. Fits on the front of my skidsteer...You dont even need to get off it. Simply drive up to the log and split it. cant stop it! actually i broke the I beam last night! Im using a ram off of a 950E cat loader lol Attached Image
  8. My custom 1965 655 with 2, 7hp briggs. sears modded tranny. runs like a watch! NEVER! misses a beat! Along with a custom double disk and custom cultivator. The attachments were lifted by wench or handle. A couple good vids..enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7WCWl4xwxs...eos=NN8FAL75kc8
  9. I hate to ruin anyones day but i heard today that enamel paints will not be sold anymore as of feb 2011. ( some kinda goverment b.s ) I guess the paints will be water base paints only. I heard this from a good friend that owns a bodyshop..is this really true? What about clear coat? doesnt make any sense to me but i do know that im really getting sick of this us goverment. Its time to clean house!! Also heard that if you sell anything over $600.00 you must 1099 the person.....HOW LAME!!!!