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  1. adgecutler

    Picked up another one

  2. adgecutler

    Rear discharge 42" mower deck

    Sorry, it seems I gave a duff link, here's a better one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wheelhorse-garden-tractor-42-rear-discharge-mower-deck-in-very-good-condition-/272222365352?hash=item3f61b7a6a8:g:Jb8AAOSw3mpXHNxY
  3. My nephew has listed his deck, it's a very good example. Listing starts at 1900hrs GMT: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272222365352?ssPageName=STRK:MESCX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1554.l2649
  4. Yesterday I collected a front blade/snow plough and a lawn sweeper from a fellow forum member. This morning as it was very wet here I took the opportunity to have a go at fitting the blade, all went well other than a bit of head scratching when I realised the adjusting arm wouldn't fit as it was fouling on the brake pedal. After a short while I realised if I took off the rod guide eyelet and release lever and turned the entire arm so that the dog leg is facing inward (the opposite to how it was) it would fit perfectly, it does. One pin was missing for the lift but luckily I found one of the correct diameter in my box of bits, it just had to be cut to length and drilled for the R pin. Off I went and pushed up the rather large compost heap and was very pleased with the performance. I also assembled the lawn sweep and had a quick play, it works fine but the height adjustment kept jumping out, once again the box of bits was out, and stronger spring fitted and all is well. I also received on Friday my freshly fabricated Clevis hitch which my Uncle started to copy from his original about five years ago! He's made a nice job of it and after a few adjustments to my Mouldbord Plough I was running in some half respectable furrows, I'm even considering entering my local clubs Ploughing match later this year.
  5. adgecutler

    My Horse story

    Sadly the Police didn't find it and it was definitely no practical joke. I don't wish to go into it too much on a public forum as I have what I set out to recover, all I can really say here is that persistence paid off and the tractor was dropped back to the spot that it was last sighted at.
  6. adgecutler

    My RJ 58 in Uk

    Nice work Vaughan, I too looked at this tractor several years ago, I recall the place, beautiful it was on one of the Somerset drains. Although it seemed to drive well I was put off by all of the "bling" which rattled about and wasn't to my taste, lovely to see it restored more sympathetically.
  7. adgecutler

    My Horse story

    I first became fond of Wheel horses in 1995 when I took a pocket money job at a small country estate, there there was a C141 that the boss had purchased in 1978, the year of my birth. This in fact was the first vehicle I had driven and I soon learned to reverse a trailer with it too. I'm now in charge of estate maintenance at that estate and I still run the C141 pretty much every day, whatever is required of it it manages, from raking driveways to scarifying to aerating lawns to hauling mowers around the grounds on a trailer to hauling many tonnes of wood from the woodland to the yard. She is very well worked and the engine shows wear in the bore and notably where the governor spindle exits the crankcase, you can wobble this about like a knitting needle in a bucket! Over the years it has been suggested several times that she be replaced but I won't have it and if she ever has failed myself or my Dad (sadly no longer with us) will spend a little time in the shed rectifying the problem and off she goes to work again. A few years back after realising our modern Kubota didn't like cutting the long grass areas I used two scrap tractors I sourced to build one good one and this is now used solely for long grass cutting and sports a sixteen horse engine. Here are my two flanked by the ever trusty C141 and the 16BHP mongrel. The wood you see behind them plus many hundreds more tonnes have all been hauled here from the woodland by the little C141 I've had the plough some time now, it's just placed behind for the photo but brackets have been in the nearly finished state of fabrication now for around two years! The weight is a lovely thing and quite rare I believe, but, unless you have an implement on the back it's awful on the steering, I much prefer the wheel weights on the Raider.
  8. adgecutler

    My Horse story

    Many of you will have read my thread about the Raider I had stolen, I'm very pleased to say that yesterday she was returned to the site she disappeared from. Just last week I decided I would have to replace her as I do rely on her for many jobs through the year, not least to save me many hours mowing my allotment and other peoples grass. I ended up being offered a C121 at a price I could afford and made the decision to spend the money I had put aside for the reward I was offering on my missing tractor. Here is the Raider happily returned home alongside her new stable mate.
  9. adgecutler

    Raider 10 stolen

    A massive thank you to everybody that paid attention to my posts about the theft of our little tractor and kept eyes open for her. After over three months the tractor is now back at home and we have two happy children and a very smiley me. I had a phone call from the Police today to say my horse had been returned to the house she was last spotted at. Strangely it was found by the same man that had last been seen moving it onto the driveway! He "apparently" found it dumped in a place I had searched previously, a local park. Anyhow I'm just overjoyed to have her home and I wish to express my thanks for all the kind words and thoughts that have been sent my way.
  10. adgecutler

    Raider 10 stolen

    I have now saved enough cash to be able to offer a reward for information that leads to the safe return of our beloved tractor, my sister and Mum have also kindly offered to add to this reward pot. I guess I'm a bit of an odd un! but it has caused me to lose a lot of sleep and I'm not functioning properly at work. Many of my happy memories of my two childrens early days until now are tied up with this little gem.
  11. adgecutler

    Raider 10 stolen

    Still desperately missed by myself and the children, please keep eyes open.
  12. adgecutler

    Raider 10 stolen

    Thanks everyone for the comments and giving this attention. Sadly the 'oss is still missing despite my searching and asking, the children have even turned into superheroes of late and been using their powers in the search! I have become quite obsessed with this and even taken holiday from work to try and track her down but at present seem to have hit a wall, I'm very disappointed with the Police for leaving her there where she was first dumped, besides anything else it was a school route and if any of the children had started her it could have ended in a very messy way. Please keep vigilant, I can name several distinguishing marks besides the obvious.
  13. adgecutler

    Raider 10 stolen

    I have already approached scrap dealers and garden machinery dealers in the area and I'm afraid I'm not in a position to offer a reward people would think worthwhile at the present time. I'm still having a mooch around when I can and today the local paper has published the story, I'm still hopeful but please remain vigilant UK members, she may be headed your way? I do have the serial number and can provide lots of information on distinguishing marks etc. if anyone has any suspicions of a horse they have seen. http://www.gazetteseries.co.uk/news/14040416.Vintage_tractor_stolen_twice_from_same_Yate_street/
  14. adgecutler

    Raider 10 stolen

    I'm really feeling quite sickened by this now, I have since found out it was moved into the driveway of a house just two doors along from where it was originally dumped. It was put onto the driveway by a window fitter working at the house, the owners were on holiday. I have called at the house to ask about it, the residents were unaware of all this but called the window fitter when the next door neighbour confirmed he had put it on their drive, he confirmed he had moved it into the driveway but it then disappeared on Tuesday. In effect it was stolen twice within three days. Sorry to be a nuisance Neil, I have asked to resend the validation Email three times and still I have received nothing, I've checked my spam box too. Perhaps I entered my Email incorrectly when applying?
  15. adgecutler

    Raider 10 stolen

    For some reason I have not received a validation Email from My old Machine forum despite trying twice, but thanks to those that have been posting on the thread there.