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  1. kitkit

    PTO bearings

    thank you for the info , they had them and free shipping. I got them delivered for less than just the shipping anywhere else I looked on ebay .
  2. kitkit

    PTO bearings

    Hello, is there a place where you can get the needed snap rings to replace the outer bearing , if you order them the shipping is more than the snap ring price . thank you
  3. kitkit

    A 80 E

    For Sale is this barn fresh A 80 E . engine is free deck spindles turn . Tires seem to hold air , some cracking . The numbers in the picture show 1 0288 but appeared stamped over . The engine numbers VM80 150056A seem to match to a 1 0280 a 1974 on the master lost not sure which are correct .
  4. kitkit


    For Sale a set of pedals . came off a B80 1 014 09 number on the ID tag, price is $40 shipped
  5. kitkit

    Plow wanted

    Have a 3 in the Akron Ohio area . 2 are 42" and I 48" I also have a short frame only
  6. kitkit

    516 H

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. kitkit

    GT 14 Grill

    For Sale is this GT 14 grill in good shape . will ship at buyers expense .
  8. I am dealing with some in your area on a snowblade  if both deals happen it might help you guys on pick up 

    1. Nhaydt92


      Yes I would be interested. Can you message me at (610)-248-2996. Is appreciate it!

  9. here is one in  Akron, Ohio  $150 102_4480.JPG.94835610357265b414f8c0ed0c176cce.JPG102_4431.JPG.57a24845330af6b55c3dcd813abbbac3.JPG102_4454.JPG.0262793bf2c294ae8e71fed09ce18a51.JPG102_4444.JPG.3ab0d8d7b08a84bccbf1a18175e6b16b.JPG





  10. kitkit

    516 H

    For Sale is this 516 H , the 16 hp onan runs good . When the Hydro gets warmed up the tractor slows to a crawl . I have another pump but it is untested bought it off Joes as a good pump but never installed it .
  11. kitkit

    856 parts

    look in you email account or call 330 283 3689
  12. kitkit

    856 parts

    I agree about keeping tractors whole .The H55 is extra , the one in the picture you ask about was also extra but the guy bought it for some parts .
  13. kitkit

    856 parts

    I found the engine it was a H 55 the only H 60 I have is on a complete tractor .
  14. kitkit

    856 parts

    Hello, I found the belt guard and power take off . I will send the info to your private email
  15. kitkit

    856 parts

    the gentleman wanting the tank was also interested in some parts for a Tecumseh . I think he bought it for the recoil. I think I have another one some place I will look tomorrow evening It might be a h55 .