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  1. Rboski

    Did all gt14 s have a center link spot?

    Here's a picture of mine from a different angle.
  2. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  3. I used one of my horses in my holiday card for the first time this year. Santa in his one Wheel Horse open sleigh.
  4. Rboski

    painting question?

    One more for Regal Red. I found that it took a little while to harden up for me. Wish I had been a little more patient. Don't look too close.
  5. Rboski

    WOW !!! its been a long time...

    That's the one! And here it is now.
  6. Rboski

    WOW !!! its been a long time...

    Hey Bob, Great Pics! I really enjoyed checking them all out in person. I'm happy to say that I was the recipient of one of those 23. Still grinning ear to ear whenever I'm on it. Good to hear from you.
  7. Rboski

    Had the whole gang out for a bit

    They were a little hesitant to come out. Shivering and squinting their eyes as they came out of the cold dark garage. But once the sun warmed them up they all seemed happy. Temp was in the 50's that day. Kind of a tease and slap in the face. Rolled them back into the garage and the temp dropped that night and more snow fell. This Saturday is looking like it could be warm again, maybe they'll get another afternoon in the sun.
  8. Been travelling a bunch for work lately and the winter just seems to be dragging on.... I needed a fix and Saturday was pretty nice up here so I dragged the machines out for a little sun and fired them all up. Just a quick shot of the herd for all you picture lovers.
  9. Rboski


    I've been meaning to put up a mug shot for a while now. Just came across this one from last summer as I was putting the finishing touches on my suburban.
  10. I'll be heading back down this year Terry. Thanks so much for doing this for us.
  11. Rboski

    For all you Kohler Fans

    Just checked. It's still up there on CL. The listing doesn't have a price is says "Make cash offers but be reasonable please."
  12. Rboski

    For all you Kohler Fans

    That's the first thing I thought when I saw it. Love that movie. I actually passed this one up. I might have to make one of my own at some point. It's a pretty cool idea.
  13. Rboski

    For all you Kohler Fans

    Hey maybe this is a new line of off-the-grid products from Kohler.
  14. Rboski

    For all you Kohler Fans

    I was just browsing CL and ran across this interesting Kohler K series. Thought some of you would get a kick out of it. Hell, some of you probably have one already.
  15. Rboski

    suburban gas tank interchange?

    That tank would work. I believe, the original tank would of had the fill hole on top near the front of the tank, and the outlet on the bottom would be on opposite side all the way at the rear of the tank to allow easy access to the filter bowl. I found a tank in pretty good shape for my 550 before I knew any better and the filter bowl will be way up under the nose when I put it on. I also hung my tank off a frame to save the hood from future stress and repairs. The below pic shows pretty clearly how the inlet and outlet are on the same side. It'll work but it's not the most convenient. I may still change it if I happen upon a correct tank. Here's the link to my build thread for some ideas on a tank frame. Also check out this thread for Duke's RJ-35 Restoration His hood support modifications are what inspired me to come up with something for mine. Good luck.