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  1. wheelhorse656

    Tecumseh Ignition Issue--PLEASE Help Me..... Im gonna jump

    Sounds good Jordan!! Can you make it ASAP?? Ill try and get to it somtime this week and get it posted! Thanks!
  2. wheelhorse656

    Tecumseh Ignition Issue--PLEASE Help Me..... Im gonna jump

    I am going to make a video on how to time coils and the camshaft to the crank... Easy to do once you do a few... sounds like improper ignition timing or possibly improper valve timing had and 8hp do the same... ( Improper Ignition timing and cam timing was off 1 tooth) fixed that is started right up...
  3. wheelhorse656


    Break one off on the other side.... Clean it really well and inspect it closely and you keep it and use it.... I have a few flywheels I would sell if you want one that's not broken..... But please please please make sure thier is no cracks or fractures before you reinstall the one you have.....
  4. wheelhorse656

    After Market (Ebay) Parts

    It is a shame that we cant buy american made parts easy anymore... The ones we can still get are way tooooooooooo expensive!
  5. wheelhorse656


    Well Let me start of by saying wow it was a close race!! I just thought i would take the time to say Thanks to all those people who got out and voted! I feel as americans it is our job to vote for what we belive in! Although the elections may or may not have produced the resualts you wanted if you vote you made a diffrence! I also wanted to say this and this is my perpose for this post no matter who was elected we need to pray for our country and its leaders! It is important we do our best to make a diffrence in america and in the times we are in now its also very hard for our president to do his job because all of the leaders from both sides are scared about what 1 wrong choice could do to our country!! and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
  6. wheelhorse656

    flywheel removal k91

    Take the nut off until the flat side of the nut is flush with the end of the crankshaft..... Then soak the flywheel and shaft with PB blaster.... then Get a large screwdriver and pry behind the flywheel pulling the flywheel out... (making sure the screwdriver is agianst the block and not anything it could damage) Then take a few swings with a hammer and they usually pop off... dont hammer down or up on the crank just striaght into the end the nut being there will keep you from messing the threads up or mushrooming the end. dont hit really hard either but dont be affraid to give it a good smack.... If you can't get it off this way heat the flywheel with torch for about 2-3 mins and reapeat the previouse process... Last but the mose invasive soke the crap out of it with PB blaster or ATF and acatone 50/50. heat up for about 10 to 12 mins with Maap gas ( yellow bottle) it gets it a bit hotter than propane and repeat process one..... If that doesent do it put a puller on it and slowly tighten it up and heat it and give the end of the puller a few hits and see if you can tighten it up more. alot of times if after a few weeks of this last process you will just have to cut the flyweel off the shaft and and get a new one. Hope this helps you out!! Most of the time though you will not have go beond step 1 or 2! just with methood 1 gets about 70% of flywheels off and the second methood gets 15% of those 30% that wont come off with the first methood . And the last step gets gets 10 precent of the ones that wont come off with step 2. and the ast five precent are those buggers that have to be cut off....
  7. wheelhorse656

    German Highway Lawnmower

    I agree so awsome I want one!! unfortionatly they they cost a bunch!
  8. wheelhorse656

    After Market (Ebay) Parts

    I have bought about 3 kits from this guy here on ebay and have had great luck 2 of these engines are workers! I have over 10hrs on 1 of them and about 15 on the other 2. His kits work great! He can get any part you need but this is one of his simple put together kits! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Master-ENGINE-REBUILD-W-Valves-FOR-KOHLER-K341-16HP-w-16hp-rod-NOT-a-12hp-rod-/380508496926?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item589812e41e
  9. wheelhorse656

    Kid from MI

    :WRS: lot of great stuff and alot of great people here! One of them being your dad!
  10. wheelhorse656

    pumkin chunking trip

    Got It set to record it!! Please post pics!!! Most important HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. wheelhorse656

    Rustoleum Leakseal?

    I am a fan of seal all. It works great! I have sealed many of gas tanks with it! It hold great we sealed a cub 100 tank and it lasted for 6 years before we sold it bet its still holding! Dries clear and can be sanded smooth like JB weld. JB weld is good for engine blocks trans and thing in my opinion!
  12. wheelhorse656

    regal red paint (quart size)

    Regal red sunrise red 50/50 makes. Great color!! MatchesIH red almost perfectly!
  13. wheelhorse656

    Red Square 2013 calendar - pictures needed!

    Here is a few pics of the 656 plowing snow!
  14. Today is cold and rainy now that I am soaked from practicing to make sure everything is set up right with my bow I am about to leave for my cozy ground blind...... I have a nice spot where thier is a scrape less than 30 yards and a bunch of rubs.... Ohio's rut has just started and for the next 2 weeks we will be hitting it hard! It is the early stage right now the bucks are just starting top fight over the early doe's.... so I say here right around the 31oct.-4th of november will be prime rut "the peak" then another week for late does... Then the "second rut " the does that did not get pregnate during the rut coming back into estrus right around Nov. 25th to around dec. 5th. I hope I can get that big buck during this Time!