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  1. JHawk

    Starter switch on FrankenHorse

    figured it out guys. Instead of running the coil line to the S I ran it to the L which is on in the run position. Doing so makes the push button start the main starting mechanism, and turns the key switch into a kill switch when you turn it back to magneto. now she runs just fine. As whether this is safe or not I don't know, but someone thought it was and it seems to work for now. I welcome thoughts on safety. Like I said, I'm a novice at this. Thanks joel
  2. JHawk

    Starter switch on FrankenHorse

    Thanks guys, I'll look for a new ignition start. My only confusion is that however it was wired, which I thought I wired it back the way it was, it worked when I got it. I feel like maybe somehow the switch was wired so that it would act like a kill switch but other than that wasn't actually necessary since it has an added push button start--the guy I bought it from said it was wired around the key switch but I know wires were going to it. The original diagram doesn't show using a solenoid with the push button start (it's diagrammed as one or the other)--is that a problem? By the way, sorry--it is an L not a Y. had y written in my notes from a different switch I'd seen. thanks guys joel
  3. Ok guys, I bought a FrankenHorse over a year ago and still have issues. I'm down to this. The Horse by stickers is a Raider 12 but by numbers on engine it is a K241 with a starter generator, coil, points and condenser. However, a previous owner installed a newer ignition switch (BSYGM--only using the B and S) with a solenoid and a push button starter. I'm guessing he was cutting the cost of buying the original switch. I have recently rewired the whole tractor with new wires (the old ones were frayed and all over the place--I like to keep it tidy) but trying to keep things wired the way the previous guy did it because it ran when I got it. Now that I'm all done I can finally get it to start but it won't stay running unless I keep the key ignition turned to the start position. Does anyone have any ideas as to what's up? Is it just a bad switch? Bad solenoid? Is there a simpler solution? I'm not concerned at this point at restoration--I just need to get some work done in the yard. I really only know enough to get myself into this kind of trouble--I like tinkering but I'd rather be tearing up my yard with the cultivator. Thanks guys joel
  4. Ok, so I'm an idiot. I do have a 5073. I was expecting an 8 speed to consist of 4 forward speeds. After checking numbers and manuals, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the 5060 and the 5073 as far as function. How confusing!?
  5. For future reference, found these thanks to SAM58 on previous feed. Any more info would be helpful, but so far so good just looking things up on my own. http://www.rcpw.com/ http://www.partstree.com/parts/ http://www2.chicago-...okup_457012.htm http://www.mowtownusa.com/
  6. my tractor is supposed to have a 5073. I'd rather restore it to original if anyone in central Indiana has one. I'd be happy to throw this one in on trade.
  7. I Have a 5060 transmission leaking in more than one place--from where the axle comes out of the transmission and down the seam underneath. Anyone know where I can get a seal rebuild kit? How difficult is it to replace the seals? I have the manual. thanks
  8. I recently purchased about 65 barn beams--mostly Poplar and Oak, maybe some maple. 8x8, 9x9, 10x10 at 8-15' long. I'm interested in selling some, but also interested in finding someone with a portable sawmill to cut some into lumber. anyone have or know someone with one in Indiana/Indianapolis area? anyone interested in barn beams--they'd make great mantles or ceiling beams in a new house or cabin? I also wondered if anyone had considered building a bandsaw-mill that ran off a WH PTO?
  9. I'm new to Red Square but i've learned a ton in the last few hours reading posts. My mother and father in law bought me a restored 1974 B-80 at auction a few years back and I'm trying to mount a snow blade that has no mounting frame. I have a friend that can make one, but I don't have the specs and it could be months before he could get to it. Would someone know where I might find on in Indiana--don't mind cleaning it up it just needs to be solid? Or, does someone have specs for the frame in case I have to build one. :)