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  1. Anglo Traction

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    Back Roly, AKA Lowflyer a previous member 'handle'. Glad you got back home ok. Your first task is to work it and get some dirt on it and take some shots of it wearing some mud . Like I said, I am more than pleased it has gone to you and it needs to kick dirt now and earn a living. Got too much going on with projects to miss it yet, and the workshop now has a load of space. I will be down for a ride. Oh , and I look up to people like your Dad for inspiration of skills, ability and ingenuity. Got to keep them grey cells active. Thanks, regards.
  2. Anglo Traction

    Gone to a new home/owner

    Thanks Gents, Yeah bit of a shame to see it go, but it needs some hard labour and do what it was built for. I can no longer give a workout, so it has gone to a good friend of mine and will be well worked and cared for. I've also been told I have to travel down for a spell and have a few rides. So our paths will cross again. Treated myself to a farewell beer (plus it's the Austin F1 GP qualifying tonight). I won't cry into the beer...honest!. Spookily, the Brewery of this, my current preferred ale is only 6 miles away from where the C-120 is going (County of Dorset)- Oh! and the piston is from 1922, one of my current projects Thanks again. Regards.
  3. Anglo Traction

    Gone to a new home/owner

    Been checking the c-120 + deck over recently, changed over to turfs ready for it's departure. Need the space and so this had to go. So a few final pics before it leaves the home it was reborn in. It departed last Thursday pm - That's 50% of my WH Stock gone !................. I might have to find another to do when I've finished all the other projects. Not much time when you're retired.
  4. Anglo Traction

    Carb replacement

    Depends what Deck you are running!. Did calcs on my 36" RD to check bearing specs and gave these results- Full engine speed (recommended) 3500 rpm, PTO pulley 4" dia, Mower Deck Driver pulley 4" dia , Driven 4" driving 14inch dia centre Blade = tip speed of 145.83 MPH (@ 3500rpm) Outer 12inch Blades with 3 inch Pulleys= (3500rpm x 1.25) tip speed of 156.25 mph @ 4375rpm.
  5. Ok yes I'm lazy for not dismantling the relevant parts and properly repairing the shaft, but realised that the very small bearing surface on the R/H end of the shaft where it passes through the Frame needs enlarging. Also, I had problems trying to remove the Spirol Pin on the left Brake rod Arm(6-10) - So I chose the easy way out, plus increased the shaft bearing surface at the wear point by about 600% and in 3 planes (fwds,up and down). Found the perfect bearing which is about 1.1/2" long, 3 sides square and 1 side open. Hard cast brass with exactly 1/2" internal dims, so the shaft fits perfectly inside it. Cut a 1/4" 90 deg angled plate down, spotted through the spare hole in the frame nearest the Transmission and tapped the hole 5/16" x 18 (SAE/UNC) in the plate. Bonded the bearing to the plate by tapping,screwing and soldering. Fixed in place after packing with grease- Bolt position through the Frame, seen through the Gear slelector gate- Nice and smooth now, only noise is the usual 'Belt Slap' on the inside of the cover.
  6. Anglo Traction

    Side Shot Saturday !!

    Thanks, it's done with Rattle Cans and elbow grease cutting and polishing.
  7. Anglo Traction

    Side Shot Saturday !!

  8. Anglo Traction

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Thanks Cleat, that tired old 5091 (on left in my first pic) looked like this when I got it- Inside was just as bad, there were a multitude of reassembly errors by the previous owner as well. First run today of the replacement Tranny was good......got to go out again and again testing it...... oh the the things we have to endure ...seat time.!
  9. Anglo Traction

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Last week I swapped out the old tired 5091 Trans in the 8 spd C-120 and needs a rebuild. Replaced it with a spare 103916 I obtained 6 years ago- . Gave it 3 runs and all smooth and positive. Yesterday, I noticed a tiny weep in the brake shaft oil seal, so I pulled and replaced all the seals All done and finished today ready for more test runs tomorrow . Cleaned up, painted and fitted the original gear cover plate. Also swapped rear wheels over to the Maxxis Kevlar Turfs on this, as it is going to a new home for mowing and towing duties.
  10. Anglo Traction

    Horrid starter noise

    My apologies, misunderstood the OP's lamp type
  11. Anglo Traction

    Horrid starter noise

    Maybe this one- LED
  12. Anglo Traction

    Kohler valves

    Hello Phil, Finding a supplier in UK is possible, but you may find that they only supply Kohler parts. I replaced my Valves 9 years ago on my 72 Raider 12 using genuine Kohlers, it cost me UKL75.00 then !!. 7 years ago I rebuilt another 12hp using parts from a guy in U.S via ebay. Kevin is his name and has good reputation. Sells under the name of bakt4kids Here is a link - VALVES . If you're replacing valves, always check (as I'm sure you have) the Valve Guides are in spec. Mine were ok. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on, as it wiil help others. Regards
  13. Anglo Traction

    Headlight Upgrade?

    Hi Danny, No problem whatsoever about using ideas. It was why I started the topic originally. If it helps others and improves the working ability of these machines, then it has done it's job. Regards
  14. Anglo Traction

    Headlight Upgrade?

    A possibility for you in this link to an old Topic , it will take you to page 3 where an LED option is shown/mentioned in post #68 and there is an image of their brightness on page 7 in the 2nd post.
  15. Anglo Traction

    Horrid starter noise

    Maybe too late for this, but if you do spot it, have a look'see at this TOPIC of sometime back. It may help resurrect the old one before resorting to a new Starter. Also check the number of teeth on the old Bendix Drive gear before buying. They can have 10 or 13 teeth if I remember rightly?.