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  1. Buzz


    Still available. Bill is open to offers. 856-297-1036.
  2. Buzz

    Decmember 7th, lest we forget.

    I enlisted in the Navy on December 7 1961, the 20th anniversary of the attack. We were tied up on Ford Island just aft of the Arizona the day Kennedy was shot. Solemn times at a solemn place.
  3. 1st edition. I bought this signed copy from Mike Marino at the 3rd Wheel Horse Show after he gave a talk on it. A couple of years later I had Cecil Pond autograph at the Wheel Horse Show. Book is in like new condition from a non-smoking household. Price includes free shipping to the lower 48. Do a Google search to compare prices. Great Christmas gift.
  4. Buzz

    Riding Horseback

    It's yours.
  5. Buzz

    Riding Horseback

    For those of you that collect Wheel Horse memorabilia here is something that I've never seen for sale. It is a VHS tape of the 3rd annual Wheel Horse Show by Derrick Mayhew. It is a documentary that was shown at film festivals throughout the country. Not many were produced so yes it's rare. Give yourself an early Christmas present. Shipped to your door in the USA for $50.00
  6. Buzz

    Lawn Ranger Snow Plow

    Snow plow model # 6-3151 for vertical shaft Lawn Rangers 1969-73. Doesn't look like it was ever used. What you see is what I have, I don't know if it's complete.
  7. Buzz


    Listing it for a friend who isn't on social media. Excellent condition, includes mower deck. Call Bill for more details. (856) 297-1036
  8. Pick up only. $100. Fits the short frame tractors.
  9. Buzz

    Gopher State Garden Tractor Pullers

    I was just curious if any members of that club were on Red Square.
  10. I won this hat at the raffle at one of the early Wheel Horse Shows. Is this club still active?
  11. Buzz

    Thinking about it.

    Smart move considering you couldn't be sure that the motors and charging system work. I've heard that if you're only going to ride it around shows you can get away with using 3 12V batteries.
  12. Buzz

    Thinking about it.

    How did you make out? There is a collector in Hamilton Ontario that has quite a few. His name is Geof Thompson. He is a Red Square member
  13. Is anyone going to this show this weekend?
  14. Buzz

    Amazing that I've lived this long

    Everything turned out okay. No lingering effects except that I wore leather gloves when I finished the job.