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    1984 C165 8 Speed
    1983 C145 A
    1989 257H
    two 37" & two 42" SD mower decks
    36" Tiller, 32" and 42" Snow thrower, 48" Snow/ Dozer Blade long frame
    200 series, rear grass bagger, 42" snow blade, Tine Rake
    JD 17P utility cart (I would like to paint red)
    1950 Farmall C (Dad's) that I restored with my brothers
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    C series Black Hoods

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  1. Road-Track

    C-160 8 speed

    Guess they didn't know what a K341 is worth!
  2. Road-Track

    Axle Differential Breakage

    Thanks WH14, I have a whole C125 transaxle on the way! I will also take the other transaxle apart and repair, for a spare. If I can find a good 108361 left axle. Here are some pictures of the spiral break of the left axle... Is this normal? From what I can see from the Hydro and 8 spd parts explodes the axles are the same for both. Is this true?
  3. Road-Track

    Axle Differential Breakage

    I just had my 14hp automatic break the left rear axle....I didn't see that the chains on the rear wheels were frozen over and I just put the tractor in drive... Guess I have another project for the list. I will pull the engine and put it in my 16 hp, since I took that out for a premptive rebuild. Should I rebuild or look for another Eaton 1100 transmssion?
  4. Road-Track

    Fun with a Sawall

    I use a Hackzall as my go to tool! Just a miniature sawsall, but portable!
  5. Road-Track

    Vermont wheel horse

    JAMS, I am in Colchester and have all the implements you mentioned and know what is needed for each and how they are installed. Let me know if the manuals are not enough Welcome to Red Square
  6. Road-Track

    I've lost power

    Also check the idler gear for the drive belt. It should spin smoothly without a wobble. Toro 7473 is one of the numbers for it (bought one two days ago when i replaced my C-165 drive belt for the same problems. Works great now!
  7. Road-Track

    Newbie with 414-8 questions

    to A front mower is a rare implement! Usually used to mow without front tire grass knock down stripes. I also like the grader attachment!
  8. Road-Track

    C-145 A drive belt size?

    Thanks! I went with a 108501 WH belt. I believe the one manual I found on RS said they were 81.5 inches.
  9. I blew a drive belt on my 1983 C-145 hydro and the belt measured 82". I looked up the correct belt and have seen many different sizes called out. Is 5/8" x 81" correct? Is 5/8" x 81.5" correct? or Is 5/8" x 82" correct? I also saw 98" using the same wheelhorse number???? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  10. Road-Track

    1992 520H price for used

    It might be there to help remove the pin in use for the engaging lever. It is also good to have a spare hanging around too.
  11. Road-Track

    Looking to buy my 1st wheel horse

    If the motor ran 10 years ago and you can turn it by hand, you should be able to save it. Since this is in the deep south it probably has not seen freezing temps much. I would go for it! Welcome to Red Square!
  12. Road-Track

    Lost power

    Vey nice! Is this a WH unit? Looks like something I need to build or find!
  13. Road-Track

    Looking for a 50" grader blade and misc parts

    Need a few parts to complete a rear mount 50" grader. 1) grader blade 92-6317 2) Assembly Latch Handle R 113155 3) Link Latch 113156-01 Please let me know if you know where I can find a blade, the other parts I can buy new if I have to. Thanks! Randy
  14. Road-Track

    Where's The Snow?

    Went Skiing today at Smugglers Notch in Vermont. The only snow is a thin strip down the mountain. We need snow!!!!! The C165 has been sitting with the plow on and the C145 with the blower and cab for the last month and a half....
  15. Road-Track

    Quick 500 mile run

    Nice score! I like the rear weights. Are they WH?