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  1. 4xfourfun

    Wheel Horse 855

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 4xfourfun

    Wheel Horse Suburban

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. 4xfourfun

    Wheel Horse Suburban

    Sold pending pickup Friday to member Jennifer.
  4. 4xfourfun

    Wheel Horse 855

    1965 Wheel Horse 855 with mower deck. 8hp Kohler, Runs and drives but does leak engine oil and smokes. All appears to work, hate to part it out.
  5. 12hp Kohler, currently on a 1257 chassis. Engine will fire and run off carb spray. It is missing the air cleaner assembly. There is no starter generator, I am keeping it for another project. Transmission shift lever is broken off. $100 for the engine/chassis and as pictured minus starter generator.
  6. 4xfourfun

    Wheel Horse Suburban

    Wheel Horse Suburban. $175 for all parts pictured including the Kohler motor, if you don’t want the motor I would keep it and price is $125 for the chassis. Can send more pics if needed.
  7. 4xfourfun

    k181 Engine

    Thanks Steve I'll meet up with you soon to get it. -Ben
  8. 4xfourfun

    Kohler K161S

    I'll buy for sure, if any prior deals fall through let me know. Will need it shipped. Thanks
  9. 4xfourfun

    WTB: Fuel Tank Kohler M8 Magnum

    Have a leaking fuel tank on a Kohler Magnum M8. It's the plastic tank mounted directly to the motor. It has several cracks so would like to replace it. If you can help let me know. Thanks! -Ben
  10. We took first place, thanks guys I don't think we could have done it without your support! -Ben
  11. Yes, and we've actually taken 1st but votes are coming in like crazy! Thanks guys!
  12. Thanks Steve! Yes, today is the last day. I voted on wifi then it let me vote again on cellular data lol Gonna fire up the PC and vote on it too.
  13. Thanks for the help! Looks like we are really starting to fall behind but still a lot of time left.
  14. Thanks again all! Looks like first place is slipping away by a little over 100 votes but we'll see what tomorrow brings we're still I the running for sure.
  15. We work with Brighton FD a lot, they are a great crew. We were just up there a couple weeks back for a basement fire and the week prior to that they were down helping us with a large brush fire in a wooded area along the river. if you ever need anything next time you're in the area give me a holler. Thanks for all the support! -Ben