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  1. lobo


    It looks like, what we here in Iowa, a puff ball. When they are real white we eat them. Wash them up, slice about a half inch thick, batter the and then fry. If that's what it is?? Later in the year they will turn grey and fuzzy, kick them and they explode like dust. Not saying that's what you got there, but sure looks like it, be carefull.
  2. lobo

    K341 wants to go too fast

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I would say that your governor gear is broke. My C-161 did the same thing and that is what it was. Sorry.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I just might do that.
  4. As stated before, I put a new battery in it and cleaned all connections at that time, including the ground wires to the frame, shaker plate and all. That is why I was stumped. I mean I cleaned every connection on the darn thng before I started replacing anything. I knew that bad grounds are a big problem most likely the case when it acts like this. Till it quit all together a bad solenoid was likely the problem. I just have the bad luck to get another bad one off the parts tractor.
  5. Ok, here's the update,, Went out this morning, clicked couple of times and started, pulled up to the shed, lifted it up and sharpened the blades, gassed up and it started right up, drove down below and did my weed eating, clicked several time but started, mowed, came back up and gassed up again and wouldn't start. #%^* Checked and cleaned all the connections again, still nothing. Went to the parts tractor and pulled the starter, changed out mine, nothing just clicked, back to the parts tractor, removed the switch, swapped it out, still clicked, back to the parts tractor, removed the solenoid, swapped it out again, wa la started right up. Whats the chances of having two bad solenoids?? Just my luck, good thing for the parts tractors. Haven't done any mowing or tried to start it more than that time, time well tell. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Thanks or all the info. I've put a new battery, changed the solenoid, cleaned all connections, new battery cable to no affect. Once it starts you can shut it off and it will start right back up, let it sit awhile and it clicks several times before starting. Guess I will try cleaning where the solenoid and starter mount and see.
  7. lobo

    42 Inch deck belt

    Is this belt for the side discharge or rear?
  8. Hello everyone, I've got a C-161 that has began to click several times before it starts, is it the solenoid or the starter or what? Thanks for the info.
  9. lobo

    Inverting Mower Blades

    I mow several acres and use this product and I must tell you that it really works. Just clean your deck well ( I use a wire wheel) then just spray it on, blades too. Did it last year and still no build-up or sticking, set or dry, tall or short. I got it at Bailey's Outdoors.com.
  10. lobo

    rebuilding a fuel pump

    Can someone please tell me if it's possible to rebuild a fuel pump, the part # of kit and is it worth the hassle? It's off a 16hsp. kohler. Thinking of going to an electric pump.
  11. lobo

    42in SD double spindle pulley

    Top pulley is 4.5 inches, bottom one is 3.5 inches, 5/8 in arbor hole with no key way
  12. lobo

    Busting a tire off the bead

    Lay the tire on the ground, after you remove the valve stem, get a 4ft 2x6 and lay it on the tire at the edge of your rim, then drive your car or truck up on it. If it doesn't pop the bead then rotate the tire and try again. I've used this method on car tires also for years with great results.
  13. Would you happen to have a couple of spindle pulleys for a 42inRD deck?

  14. lobo

    Mid mount grader blade

    I have one, like new, in IA. 180+ miles south of Chicago, PM me if interrested
  15. lobo

    Wheelhorse, I have a problem....

    Thanks for the thoughts guys, will check everything you mentioned. It is a single cylinder 16hsp, but I did put the chevy points on it, that may be where the problem lies, will silicone around the cover and see if that helps. Thanks again.