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  1. Lane Ranger

    Different Front Axle on this 854

    No spindle arm stop like on my 854 Bob! Must have been the early version for the 854.
  2. I saw this 1964 Wheel Horse 854 at the Portland, Indiana Tri-State Engine Association Swap meet last week. This tractor was purchased new in New Jersey by the current owners father. No major changes to this 854 but the front axle is different from all the other 854's I have seen in the past. Currently, the owner lives in Fort Wayne and we discussed this unique feature during the swap meet.
  3. Lane Ranger

    What is happening to Wheel Horse part prices??

    This is going to motivate me to buy more $50 and $100 tractors ! That is all there is to it!
  4. Lane Ranger

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I put some new rear tires on my 1974 B 80 that I mow my lawn with. Nice six ply Air Loc. Deep turf tread 23x8:50 x 12’s.
  5. Panzer and RJ are Jake Kuhn’s. Panzer was $750 and RJ ?? Contact Jake for more info!
  6. Lane Ranger

    And now...the Back Stories

    Great bunch of pictures Bob! The way we’re were can still be had in a Wheel Horse!
  7. My brother David and I sold two 1974 B 80’s and some small parts Friday at the Portland, Indiana Tri-State Engine Association Fall Swap Meet. Nice day Friday until rain and cold front moved in. Rained from about six thru midnight. Interesteing story about the 875Wheel a Mario Tractor (saw one for sale at this swap meet) was told by guy who bought out B 80’s. He worked at the Wheel Horse transmission shop (along with two of his brothers) and was involved with installing the very first automaticxin the 875 Wheel-a-Magic’s at the factory. Apparently degreaser was used on the automatics when installing andjusybefore hooking to the frame. Thencame the electro-static paintprocess. Done inapaint room on line that also had a “waterfall in room” to pickup paint emissions etc. well when the painted frame with transmission attached went into the heat lamp area of the booth they started on fire from the degreaser! He said this happened to about the first five or six 875’s in-line! i also got to visit with “Joe Bob” from Minnesota who was also at the Spring Swap Meet this year. Great visit with JoeBob one of the great Red Square guys!
  8. Lane Ranger

    B 100 10 HP Kohler throttle setup

    Does anyone have a B100 with the original type throttle and governor spring setup that they can post a few pictures of online? I need to make some corrections in a throttle linkage that is not correct and not original. I am sure there is suppose to be a Kohler spring on the linkage from the governor to ?? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  9. I must be getting older and much poorer than I thought! Just looking at the prices of parts and their listed cost on EBay is scary to me! My brother and I will have several tractors at The Portland Indiana Tri- State Enigine Association’s 14th Annual Swap Meet this Friday and Saturday October 12 and 13. Our less than $400 tractorsaccording to EBay listings must each be worth $1000 in parts ! Come and buy a bargain or on EBay!
  10. Lane Ranger

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Removed the 44 inch mid grader blade from the C121 automatic that dad used all the time. First time off of the tractor in five years. Going to need some paint and a few new bolts I bought this from Fabricator, Ken Stephens, whomade these and sold them at one of the Mentone swap meets!
  11. We started out as co-workers, became best friends and 40 years later she still puts up with and even sometimes encourages my antics! Life is good with Ruth!
  12. Well I went out to the Greencastle Airport today and spent the $75 to take a fifteen minute ride and it was worth every penny. Amazing plane for the 1920's! The ten passengers and two up front (pilot and co-pilot) flew around Greencastle . I was on the sixth flight of the day around 2 PM. There were 199 of these Ford TriMotors , (also known as the Tin Goose) made and only 18 survive with just 8 having FAA air worthiness certificates ! So not many chances left to fly in one of these so I said lets go! I sat behind the pilot up front . The take off was a bit loud but I have to say the landing was the smoothest I ever had in an airplane of any size. If one of these comes to your town I highly recommend taking a flight in this airplane! A thrill a minute! Here is more information about the Ford Tri-Motor passenger airplane. Photos to follow.
  13. Great September Day in Greencastle, Indiana today! Airport Appreciation Days in Greencastle, Indiana today. A 1920's Ford Tri-Motor plane is flying over the town with people taking rides for $75 each! Flew over the Wheel Horses I had out running the engines and preparing for winter several times already this am! Also had a film crew flying a drone over the DePauw University 1884 McKim Observatory located across from my front yard! Watch Video of the Ford Tri-Motor flying thaty you get to hear that famous motor sound! 015.MOV
  14. Lane Ranger

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Working on the 1964 Wheel Horse 854 this am to get the drive belt clutching improved. It has a squeak when clutching that does not belong there!
  15. Lane Ranger

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Richie : Your puller is just like the one I use. I have a friend that lets me use one a little different one that works pretty well also. Here are some pics: