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  2. IAN928 In Norway is only member I recall with photos of a 1054 Snowblower on his tractor "Elvira". I have not seen Ian active on Red Square for some time>
  3. Scott Melburg has been doing this for several years in the school he teaches at in Indiana. Several Wheel Horse tractor owners have donated tractors to his student run club that has restored tractors donated to them. Tractors owners need to connect with their local school corporations to determine interest in accepting or receiving a donated tractor for use as educational tools.
  4. Very glad to see that Glen Pettit has returned to the Red Square! His products and support for Wheel Horse owners has been a Godsend to all of the Wheel Horse folks trying to keep their tractors going with parts we need to do the job of restoration and maintaining these great little tractors. Please support Glen and his products in the Vendors Section! I am very glad to see Glen active again and thankful for his good health.
  5. Lane Ranger

    C-101 ignition switch cleanup

    Not all are able to be saved. The internal rivets come apart, the plastic does fail, parts wear down . But a good primer on rebuilding a switch.
  6. Lane Ranger

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I bought some new led light bulbs for my. 314-8 and placed them on my winter worker. First photo is of the box box for the led bulbs I bought on Amazon for a reasonable price for a pair. Second is of the original , conventsil bulbs. Third and fourth photos are of the new led bulbs that use less electrical power.
  7. Lane Ranger

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    78265 deck is for a 260 series. 48 inch deck that will not work on your 314.
  8. Lane Ranger

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    My $250. 1995 (314-8. Before and after with just a good cleaning! Plus new tires all the way around!
  9. Lane Ranger

    Non stick for snow blowers

    I have used Sno-Jet for years. An original product used by the Ariens Company that made some of the first snowblowers. You can use it on snowblower chutes, augers, snowplows and snow shovels. Works great made by MDI. .
  10. Lane Ranger

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I am ready for the winter also! 314-8 and 42 inch plow all set to go!
  11. Lane Ranger

    Hardware question

    Richard: I forgot about the three tackle boxes I use for all the small Wheel Horse hardware parts! Stacked Up Just to the left of the Gelato plastic jars !
  12. Lane Ranger

    1 inch/5 lug rear Hub (1)

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. Lane Ranger

    Hardware question

    Also, having a IPL Parts Manual List for your Wheel Horse tractor model is an almost essential item to have when redoing a tractor!
  14. Lane Ranger

    Hardware question

    This is a very good question posed by Whnewone! First time I have seen this asked on Red Square Wheel Horse Forum! I store parts from projects in motion (or planned for an as yet unknown date) in everything that can hold an item or two. Cardboard boxes, five gallon plastic buckets, gelato containers, plastic coffee cans, storage containers with lids, spice containers, open plasic storage bins, Kraft cheese plastic containers, etc. Whatever works for you -just keep what you may need and what you have to have for your project! A sampling of my part containers:
  15. Lane Ranger

    1 inch/5 lug rear Hub (1)

    Yes Jim I have a pair of three lug hubs. I sent you pics !