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  1. slufoot733

    Snow blower education wanted

    Single stage blower on a D200:
  2. slufoot733

    Filter recommendations

    Wow, Thank you for the very quick reply Paul. I'll try to grab them this weekend.
  3. slufoot733

    Filter recommendations

    Digging my old 1978 D200 out of the shed to prep it for the winter snow fighting. Time to change the fluids. Was wondering what filters everyone uses for the engine oil and transmission oil. Both filters are on very tight and I will need a tool to remove them. The engine has a Purolator 10183 filter on now. I cannot see the numbers on the trans filter. Just looking for proper replacement filters. Thanks gang, KT
  4. slufoot733

    Fuel tank repair

    I have a D200 and it also had some rust through issues. I cleaned the area just as you have. I then used JB Weld to patch the area. Apply it in several thin, light coats. After it's all cured you might use a gas tank coating material to seal the inside. I didn't do the inside sealer cause I didn't know about it back then. Been six years so far and everything is holding. In an effort to prevent further rust through I keep the gas fresh and use dry gas to eliminate any water in the tank. If/when I store the tractor for a long period of time I empty the tank and leave the cap off to allow it to dry out. Good luck.
  5. slufoot733

    D 200 rebuild kit

    Don't know if you still need the kits for your 532 but if you do, try: www.isavetractors.com Never dealt with them myself but saw the advert in a magazine. They claim to have Kohler K series rebuild kits.
  6. slufoot733

    D 200 Engine

    I feel for you. In 1993 western PA had a monster snow (22" in 24 hrs). My dad had a D200 (which I now own). He called my brother in law who lives on the same lane and suggested he fire up the Horse and use it to clear the lane. Jeff took him up on it. Unfortunately my dad forgot to tell him about the engine oil leak. After about three hours of running, clearing a 1/4 mile lane, the engine seized up. Dad had to get a new short block from Kohler and have it installed, not a cheap fix. But I am still using that tractor today. If you can find the parts it is very well worth the time to repair this tractor. Do some research, those K532 engines are still out there. Maybe find a tractor bone yard for parts, or the whole engine. Might also try this place: www.isavetractors.com 207-298-9701. They advertise in LAWN & GARDEN TRACTOR magazine and claim to have "everything you need to bring your old engine back to life". They specialize in Kohler K series engine rebuild kits. Good luck.
  7. slufoot733

    Snowthrower improvements

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I guess I should take another look at the belt and clutch. They seemed OK earlier but a second look can't hurt. I recall the snow flying further in past years so I should double check. Tommy, great video. I noticed your snowthrower, when lowered, touched on the left side first, then the right side. Mine does the same thing. I thought maybe mine was either bent or out of adjustment.....maybe they're just a little heavier on the left due to the drive mechanism. Thanks again everyone. Have a fun winter!
  8. Just wondering if anyone out there has made modifications to their D-series snow throwers to improve their efficiency? Mine works but the snow only flies about 10 feet. I would think it should go further. Of course it boggs down quite easily in wet, heavy snow but the light fluffy stuff doesn't go go much further. Or is this the norm for a single stage unit? Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. slufoot733

    Flywheel not engaging

    A new engine can cost ya big $$$. A good used engine can also run into some expense. However, if you can find the parts you need, and someone who can guide you, replacing a broken piston rod is not the hardest thing to do. And it gives you an opportunity to check out the rest of the engine and fix anything that is worn or about to go. If you're not comfortable with rebuilding the engine then maybe a good used engine is worth it. Either way you will have to open the engine to first find out exactly what's wrong.
  10. slufoot733

    Got some seat time last week.

    Thanks everyone. That's my dad's D that he bought on '78 as a retirement present to himself. He loved that tractor. It replaced his 1952 Tiger 883, which I also have. As fun as it is to use this thing to clear the snow I have about had it with this winter. Bring on the warm weather and some tractor shows!
  11. slufoot733

    Flywheel not engaging

    Without being there it's hard to tell. Right off the bat, the starter IS engaging the flywheel and spinning it. However, if I am hearing what I think I am hearing, you released the key and the engine continued to spin, rather freely. Did you forget to reinstall the spark plug? There is NO compression right now. If there were proper compression the engine should stop spinning almost immediately if it doesn't start. That one spins for quite some time. If the plug is in place then there's a good possibility that the connecting rod has broken and the crank is spinning freely. Place your open hand on the screen over the flywheel and try to turn it in either direction. Even without a spark plug you should feel the resistance of the piston sliding up/down in the cylinder. If there is no resistance then the rod is no doubt broken and will need to be replaced. I think if the crankshaft was broken it would not turn at all.......but not sure on thet. My best guess is a connecting rod. Good luck.
  12. 1978 Wheel Horse D200 doing what it does best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCOxQkILr1M
  13. slufoot733

    Tire fluid

    I have used washer fluid and so far so good. I do have to wonder what it's doing to the rims though. They are well painted but I know constant contact with fluid will eventually get through the paint and eat the metal. I guess I will deal with that when it happens.
  14. slufoot733

    A lot of snow

    Yes....yes.....and yes. All good advice. My blower, a single stage, does a great job BUT it will clog in a heart beat if I enter the snow too quickly. A two stage blower seems to be a little more 'clog resistant' thanks to the slower auger speed and the fast fan speed. But the single stage will do the trick as long as you allow the auger to chew and spit the snow. Of course cold, dry snow will blow much easier than heavy, wet snow. So be governed accordingly. And of course, remember, if the blower does become cloged be sure to shut down before you stick your hand or a cleaning tool down the chute. We don't like 'red snow'. Have fun and B-Safe. KT
  15. slufoot733

    Wheel Horse Gas Pump

    Now that is S W E E T !