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    1979 C-101 - Project C4, 4x4 conversion
    1979 C-161
    1969 Commando 8
    1970 Lawn Ranger 30" sd deck
    1970 Lawn Ranger
    1970 Commando 800 (in bits)
    1972 Raider 16 4x4 aka... Project bendy
    1972 GT14
    1971 GT14 48" deck
    1979 C-121 36" rd deck
    1979 C-121
    1979 C-141
    1982 C-105

    12" moldboard plough
    10" moldboard plough
    42" snowplough x3 (one short frame)
    drag harrow
    mid mount cultivator
    Lawn slitter
    BNIB rotavator (Toro)
    Ditton one used rotavator

    10cuft Agri-fab trailer
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  1. meadowfield

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    I've seen Richards work first hand, you have a one of a kind restoration there. Nice to see Richard too! have fun!
  2. slightly late to the show, but I have two GT-14's here in the UK. One still has the original gas tank with only a small amount of distortion from the exhaust. So I must be very lucky! There is a thread on me splitting the trans somewhere and replacing bearings. As for the wiring it's a pretty simply tractor, and not that hard to run fresh wires from the ignition switch to the battery coil and regulator - it was one of the first jobs I did on mine, still not done the lights yet... The fuel pump died after a year and I've limped on for three years by cranking for ages- just bough a chinese pump for $15 and it has transformed it!
  3. final pics - finished product Proud of what he achieved, so say it arrived as scrap! take a look at the start of the thread to see what I mean!
  4. All of the work got things pretty close to finished. Missing was the original throttle... No way to get one other than make one - again Ewan did a cracking job fabbing one from scratch!
  5. more pictures and progress patches tacked into hood making a double groove v pulley and adapting from a geared crank to solid pin. new clutch idler and engine pulley in place final prep and painting of the hood smooth and shiny - I think he did an awesome job!
  6. Update... As Ewan has been bogged down by his university work I though I had better put some more pics up of his fab work. we can't get RJ hubs in the UK, so best way is to make them... I gave Ewan a template, which he cut around and we made our own using taperlock sprockets. we welded the studs in to make it easier too... more painting and panel beating! The hood was still in pretty bad condition, but Ewan continued to work his magic!
  7. meadowfield

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    we've swapped a few around, it's just the casting on the top of the hoodstand and hood that need to swap. I think everything else stays the same - well you can swap the rear fender too if you want it all to match!
  8. meadowfield

    Starter Clicking

    I chased a few issues on my GT14 at the weekend. Finally I thought solenoid... so ran a jumper from the battery to the starter - nothing! Undid and tightened a few engine bolts and voila! it was a poor earth, solenoid was clicking, but not a good enough ground for the starter to spin!
  9. meadowfield

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    you can find me and decals by following the link at the bottom of this page. Best horse for reliability and parts is probably a later C series. i.e. C-101/121 or maybe a C-105/165... some people don't like the later black hoods, so they can be a little cheaper. My reason for a later C is age, it should have fewer hours and been left out less in the rain! Re; engine size, a 10hp is pretty powerful - you would only really need 16hp if you are chugging through long grass or running a rotavator. They really do use a lot of fuel when you work them hard and gas in the UK isn't like US prices!!! We pay around $5.50 for a US gallon, a UK gallon is $7... My C-101 pushes snow/dirt, pulls trailers, etc and rarely bogs down. Whilst I like hydros, I would stay clear unless you can get one with proof it has been well maintained - otherwise they can be a pain and expensive to sort. mark
  10. meadowfield

    GT-14 service manual

    that's the one i was going to say - everything is pretty generic apart from the hydro.
  11. meadowfield

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    I might just know where you can get some shiny B-81 decals too...
  12. meadowfield

    GT-14 service manual

    for everything other than the transmission, they are pretty well like lego... most things are easy to take apart clean and fix... I thought there was a GT14 service manual?
  13. meadowfield

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    Glad you made it Rob! If it has a wheelhorse badge it's welcome at Newby... if it doesn't it still is!
  14. meadowfield

    Bit of a sad day

    mmmmmmm.... bacon
  15. meadowfield

    Manure spreader

    what a great bit of kit... plus you can load it without getting your hands dirty...