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  1. 2tractornuts

    Need motor

    I have a push blade off of a d160 and a wheel horse tiller I would trade for motor onan or kohler 20 to 25hp. Thanks Eddie
  2. 2tractornuts

    Need motor

    I have a complete push blade off of a d160 and a wheel horse tiller I would trade for a 20 or 25hp onan.thanks Eddie.
  3. 2tractornuts

    520h mule drive

  4. 2tractornuts

    520h mule drive

    Oh sorry its for a 60" deck thanks for noticing
  5. 2tractornuts

    520h mule drive

    Looking for a mule drive any help would ne appreciated thanks.Eddie
  6. Hello im working on a custom project. A 417-A I changed the engine out and put in a late model 25 hp V-Twin kohler had to change hood around so engine would fit were wanting to know if you w ere interested in doing a few custom decals for it thanks Ed. Ps I calle it an 425-A ill se.nd dimension. And style if you are interested.
  7. 2tractornuts

    425-A(Complete Madness)

    Thanks Mike and can whlvr trying to get some custom decals at the moment will post them when. I get them
  8. 2tractornuts

    Installing a V-Plow?

    Man that tractor is way cool getting ready to start one myself after Christmas ,good job. Eddie
  9. 2tractornuts

    Raider 9

    Cool restore.If I may you can wet sand with 600 or 800 Grit then finish with 1200 or 1500 grit then buff you wont believe how slick it will look just sand lightly till all the height bumps are gone then reshoot it.
  10. 2tractornuts

    C-125 Custom

    Well thought out looks great : Eddie :dunno:
  11. 2tractornuts

    425-A(Complete Madness)

    I will post more as I go this has been a complete tare down and rebuild and repair. .
  12. Looks cool rolerman .I would be interested in the name or where I could find some of those weights since I took of the cast iron 17hp and replaced with a 25hp Kohler its hard to keep the front wheels down not enough weight with new aluminum block. skid steer if u get my drift. :ty Eddie
  13. Well shoot! My original post is gone forever in cyber tractor space so ill try to post another .