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  1. Hi Matt, I'm close by you in Cromwell!  Do you this this will work in a C195, as is a longer frame Cxx5 tractor?






  2. mattd860

    Need Rear Tires for 1977 C-161

    Thanks - Yes 23"
  3. mattd860

    RJ 58-59 Belt Cover Guard

    Thanks. Ordered one from him today.
  4. mattd860

    Need Rear Tires for 1977 C-161

    I need some tires for my '77 C-161. Size is 23-8.50-12. Tires can come with or without the rims. I'll be at the Zagray farm show in Colchester, Ct this weekend if anyone wants to bring it there. Or I can meet locally in Connecticut to pick them up. Thanks!
  5. mattd860

    RJ 58-59 Belt Cover Guard

    I need a RJ Belt Guard. Can be reproduction or original. I'll be at the Zagray farm show in Colchester, Ct this weekend if anyone wants to bring it there. Or shipping is fine. Thanks!
  6. Hi Matt.


    Just bought my first Wheel Horse. It is a 1993 314-H, and I would like to order one of your kits. How do I order?





  7. I am making a batch of pedal kits to be shipped by the end of August. If anyone would like to order please let me know by August 20th. Price for each kit is $250 and I take just about every form of payment including Paypal. I do offer discounts when your order two or more kits. For more information on the kits please click here -
  8. Hi Matt,


    I sent you a message a few weeks ago regarding your pedal kit, and the status says "not read yet". Are you able to receive messages?


    Thank you,


    1. mattd860


      Hi Duane,


      I just responded. Sorry for the late reply. 

  9. I really don’t know if it’ll work on the raider 12. I haven’t tried the kit on anything prior to a 1977 model year. Matt
  10. It will not readily fit but contact user RJR49 because he has some simple instructions on how to make it work. If you want to order after talking to him please let me know. Matt
  11. mattd860

    matts foot pedal kit

    Glenn - do you see any reason why I'm not getting messages? Can you send me a test PM?
  12. mattd860

    matts foot pedal kit

    Hi - Not sure what the problem is. I have been receiving messages from people so I'm not sure why I didn't get mikes. Sorry for any hassle!!
  13. I am once again offering pedal kits at a discount during the month of April. All kits ordered between now and April 30th will receive $25 dollars off the price for a total of $225 per kit. This includes shipping to the lower 48 states. I will be taking orders all this month and then producing the kits in May. I expect all kits to be ready for shipment by the 3rd week of May. I also offer additional discounts for orders of 2 or more. I accept just about all forms of payment including Paypal and payment in full is not required until April 30th. These kits work well on all C-1X5, 300, 400, and 500 series tractors but they work especially well at replacing the awful lever underneath the steering wheel on the 520-H!! Please feel free to PM me for inquiries or email me at mattdarling02@hotmail.com. Full information regarding the pedal kit can be found here:
  14. Hi Chuck - I just sent you a message. Thanks!