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  1. hodge

    starter / generator rebuild

    So, the consensus is that you may be getting your money's worth. That is one side of the coin. The other side is professionalism- I would think twice about using this particular shop again. It is inexcusible and unprofessional to not give you a price estimate once it was opened up, so that you can decide what to do- it's your money, your decision. It was also unprofessional to not call you with an update, or to let you know it was done- that says that you are of little importance to them. The fact that you owed them $175 and they didn't call you says, to me, that they are too busy or too disorganized. Either way, customer service is just as important as mechanical ability. I would chalk it up to experience, be thankful that you have (hopefully) a good-as-new starter/generator, and do things different the next time.
  2. hodge

    Is this Wheel Horse blasphemy?

    I agree with everyone. As a matter of fact, this reason is one of the great things about Horses- parts are interchangeable. Not many other makes and models can claim that.
  3. hodge

    1984 GT 1600 still going strong

    You know, I have always been enamored with Wheel Horses, and while that hasn't changed, I do have a glint in my eye for that Kubota... the whiff of diesel smoke, the weight and size to do more... 4wd...
  4. I had to go get my dad's GT1600 today and do some carb work on it, so I mowed for a while with it. After 27 years of service, it needed a fuel pump and the carb cleaned. It gets asked here every now and then about the solidity and reliability of the Workhorse tractors, including the Briggs engines. I can say with certainty and clarity that they are fine tractors, strong, reliable, and just like the red breed. Here is a photo of the 1600 beside my Kubota 7100. I do have to say this- after mowing this season with the Kubota and a 5' finish mower, it was painful to use a 42" mower. It just takes forever....
  5. hodge

    B-80 8 speed

    I know very little about loaders on Wheel Horses but since no one else answered that question I'll offer my $0.02. (That's ignorance speaking here and perhaps someone who knows more will answer.) A loader puts a lot of weight on the front suspension. What size spindles are on the B-80? How long will they last? Does the B-80 have as robust a frame as it's larger brethren? I would suspect not but I don't really know. I do know it doesn't have power steering. In any case, any of the WH tractors except perhaps the D series and perhaps some of the larger C models or the 5xx series are marginal to support a loader. IMO a loader is a good fit on a compact utility tractor. My son has a Cub Cadet 7000 series (3 cyl diesel, 4WD, power steering ...) on which he put a loader and it's pretty nice. But he's probably close to $10K into that with stuff like a woods mower, tiller, box blade and some other attachments. I think a loader on a B-80 would have to be fairly light duty which would limit it's usefulness. Nevertheless, I sure wish I had one when we had snow drifts several feet deep. The B-80 is just as strong as it's bigger brethern. It may not have the big spindles or axles, but many Horses don't. It also may not have an 8 pinion rear, but many others don't. The frame, front axle, rear end, etc. are all the same stuff. If a C-120 or 160 will take a loader, the B-80 will, too. The question is, how well the 8 horsepower will do running the pump and moving the tractor when working it. That is the all important question. That being said, I think you would be more satisfied with a loader on a higher horsepower tractor. Mark
  6. hodge

    B-80 8 speed

    The B-80 is a very well built, economical tractor. You can keep one going for just about ever. The biggest issue is keeping a solid mower deck- the tractor is easy to maintain, and parts from many different models will work on it. I'd buy it long before getting one of the stamped metal throw away mowers.
  7. hodge

    Wheel Horse parts in Europe???

    Majkie79, you are right- they need to survive! Post this request also in the Europe section of the forum- someone has to have solved the issue of getting parts in Europe. I'm sure that it isn't inexpensive, but there has to be a way.
  8. hodge


    Welcome, and I didn't know that Britney Spears was into Wheel Horses.... she should be sitting on a tractor, instead of a chair...
  9. hodge

    Quick question on a Husqvarna

    Don't know about you guys, but it seems like carb problems are becoming more common than ever. It has to be partly due to gas quality/ethanol.
  10. Fortunately, Southern States has ethanol-free gas. It is a catch-22, though. Small engines call for 91 octane (chainsaws and weedeaters, etc.), but it has ethanol. The enthanol-free gas that I have access to is 87. So, which is better? I err on the cautious side and run the ethanol-free gas. Southern States also has 48 cetane diesel, which is the highest in my area.
  11. If you are, feel free to send me a friend request (Mark Hodge). Might as well fellowship in other ways. Blessings. Mark
  12. I predict that if the Wheel Horse name did surface again, it would be a rebadged Deere/Cubcadet painted red and sold at Lowes/Home Depot. I'm with TT- better the name to go out with dignity and respect, than to be associated with junk.
  13. hodge

    squeal in hydro

    I agree- if you like the price, don't let the noise stop you. Do you have pics? And, welcome to Resquare! Get ready to be addicted... And, it's nice to see a green convert.
  14. hodge

    Kubota FEL

    Do I recognize these photos from orangetractortalk? I love my 7100. They are fine little tractors, and a nice step up from a Horse. Both serve their purpose, and the Kubota is built very practical. And I love the purr of the diesel...