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    I Like to hang out with the family, wife and two boys and the dogs. We are into archery, hunting and fishing, four wheelers, lake time and boating with the extended family, aimlessly wandering and recently became interested in Wheel Horse tractors.

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  1. Deepfork

    1983 GT-1642

    I made this one to be my avatar but it looked so cool I had to come back here and ad it!
  2. Deepfork

    Moving Snow

    Dang look at this! Click here! Had not thought of putting a winch on the tractor to move the blade...he even has the same machine I do.
  3. Deepfork

    Moving Snow

    I am going to get a blade for either my GT-1642 or Honda Rancher 420. The ATV is 4wd, the tractor weighs 114 lbs more according to the owners manuals. Looks like getting the tractor set up would be cheaper. Whick one do you think would be better at moving snow? :thumbs:
  4. Deepfork

    Been an owner for 24 hours!

    Nope not from a German Short hair, looks like Labrador. Thats whats running around my yard! :D
  5. Deepfork

    Been an owner for 24 hours!

    Yep, picked her up in Choctaw.
  6. :thumbs: What weight oil do I use in the gear box of my GT 1642, 8 speed manual? I have been told 90 and 140 weight. Thanks!
  7. Deepfork

    Been an owner for 24 hours!

    I am already working on getting a decal kit, and correct wheels for the deck. I think we are gonna get the front painted to look like a skull. My 14 year old has been at me since he first saw it. I guess he is on to something, look at it now just missing some teeth!!! :thanks:
  8. Sorry if my questin seems basic I am brand new to these tractors. What is the correct original paint scheme for my 83 GT 1642? I have read post and think I saw a chart that said the base color was a pewter/grey. Does not seem like any of the ones I have seen are that color. I already have a decal set ordered but want to make sure I have the paint right before they go on. Thanks!!
  9. Deepfork

    Been an owner for 24 hours!

    Thanks for the welcome!!!! I have some comments and questions but I guess I'll move out of the intro section for that.
  10. Deepfork

    Been an owner for 24 hours!

    I picked up a 83 GT 1642, just mowed 2 acres with it today. The thing runs and works like new! Anyhow just looking for information and came across this place. Best site I have found so far about these machines. Here are a few pics of mine.