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  1. Pollack Pete

    Hydraulic lift wait time

    I forgot to mention...…..when using Mobil-1 synthetic 10w-30 oil,I also installed a new genuine Wheel Horse tranny filter.
  2. Pollack Pete

    Hydraulic lift wait time

    I use Mobil-1 10-30 synthetic in the two 520-H's that I have left.Hydraulics work pretty quickly when cold.Stored in unheated,un-insulated pole barn.
  3. Pollack Pete

    To Purchase or not to purchase?

    My opinion? Buy them.Sounds like a good deal to me.I have a 414-8.It's one of my favorite tractors.I mow with it all Summer.Like others have said,sell off what you don't want or need to re-coup some dough.
  4. Pollack Pete

    What do I need for my Wheel Horse Today?

    Any threaded hardware I can wait a few days for,I buy from Boltdepot.com.Prices aren't outrageous,you can buys any quantity.Quick delivery.
  5. Pollack Pete

    Looking for stuff

    I'm convinced there's a ghost in my shop moving stuff.
  6. Pollack Pete

    Sources for Genuine parts?

    How about Partstree.com? I've had good luck with some OEM parts from them.
  7. Pollack Pete

    59 with patina local sale

    I think the owner is dreaming.But ya never know.Someone besides him may be in love with that Horse.
  8. Pollack Pete

    D-250 And B-100 Automatic

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Pollack Pete

    D-250 And B-100 Automatic

  10. Pollack Pete

    D-250 Collection Final Lower Price

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Pollack Pete

    D-250 Collection Final Lower Price

  12. Pollack Pete

    417a info needed

    All that and you didn't buy it????
  13. Pollack Pete

    C81 , my new toy

    VERY nice.VERY capable Horse.VERY easy on gas.Have fun with your new toy.
  14. Pollack Pete


    Buy it.You don't see them for sale very often.I've paid a lot more for a lot less.I've got 2 or 3 of them.Keep them full of oil.Try to keep off slanting hills for any length of time,and I'm sure if it's a series 1,it will be fine.Thought one on mine needed a starter when I got it.Rodents had gotten under the tins in the starter area and had everything jammed up.Disassembled , cleaned and lubed the starter and it's still OK.Good luck.Maybe offer 2 hundred??
  15. Just lowerd the price of all my D-250 stuff.Tired of playing games.Scroll down aways and you'll see my description.New price is $1,400.00 for everything.Bring a truck and trailer and I'll help you load everything.Fork lift on site.