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  1. smoreau

    520H Front End Loader 3 point

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. smoreau

    520H Front End Loader 3 point

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. I am selling my 1990 520H with a front end loader and 3 point rear hitch Links to the build of this tractor Repowered with a Magnum 18 kohler twin that runs great! Uses no oil and no smoke. Valve job done and new gaskets about 100 hours ago. Has oil filter and comes with extra filters. all gages work as they should. 26x12x12 fear tires on custom 12" rims. Front tires are heavy duty 3 ribs from miller tire. 3 point is a modified d series 3 point and works great. Tractor has served me very well and has been a great help working in the yard. It does have some dents and scratches hear and there but still looks nice. Only reason I'm selling it is in upgrading to a sub compact with a backhoe. Asking $2500.00. With well over that invested in building it. Way to many things to list about this tractor. Easier to contact me. It will be on Red Square for one week before it goes on CL.
  4. smoreau

    D250 is it a good tractor?

    That would be the only D tractour i would buy. Not a fan of the smaller ones. How much is the deciding factor here. D implements are not cheep and hard to find
  5. smoreau

    Value of NOS WH seat?

    I had one of these seats and sold it on ebay. It was nice and had no cracks but was stiff from not being sat on for years. High back with the WH logo stamped in the back. Thaught would get good $ for it so no reserve. Only brought $43.00 and I had to pay extra because my shipping estimate was off by $12.00. Hard to tell what there worth.
  6. Very nice , so were do i send my seat pan again for its new covers ?
  7. you made a hitch a few years back I was wondering if you ever produced any for sale? 

  8. smoreau

    My first zero turn... lol

    One of my high school buddys dad had 3 of them. He was 4'8" tall and he loved them! As far as i know he still uses them to this day. Lots of trees and flower gardens to go around in there yard, so it worked great for all those tight spots. I did try one out and it was weired to drive. To back up you spin the wheel 180deg.
  9. smoreau

    Mystery Bracket Quiz Time

    Thank you!!!! I might have had to go buy a dart board to hang the pic on.
  10. smoreau

    Little hole big problem

    JB weld has been in my tool box for years! The stuff has so many uses and works on many things from copper iron steel alluminum and plastic. Great stuff !!
  11. smoreau

    Cut and a bath.

    Nice loooking 97 520! Wish i still had mine.
  12. smoreau

    Mystery Bracket Quiz Time

    Nice looking batt holder. Improvment from factory for sure
  13. smoreau

    Mystery Bracket Quiz Time

    Battery hold down
  14. smoreau

    HELP! Storing snow blowers in shed????

    Did this in my shed and hooked the rope to the hitch of the tractor to do all the lifting. It helps to have a helper to push the blower on the shelf as you back up to lower the blower. Should be able to pick one at any hardware. Blower is around 150 I believe
  15. smoreau

    Hydro vs Manual deck height

    Have you checked to see if the center spinal is moving on the deck? I have seen the 42 sd decks brake the metal around were they bolt many times. They don't have the stiffing plate the 48" decks have. I have prepared 3 of these decks for this issue in the past. Grass rots the metal around the spindle and makes a week spot. Then the deck cracks around the spinal and you can get scalp marks in the grass. Ebay sells weld plates for this issue.