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  1. kthack657


    Changed Status to Closed
  2. kthack657

    SW MO 420 LSE

    It was $3000 as list, but that is what they want to get, not what they will necessarilly get, I have put offers out for half, and people have taken it...best case scenerio, they take it, worst case you offend them and they don't talk to you, been on that end too...
  3. kthack657

    SW MO 420 LSE

    I agree it is a lot of money, but it does have the chrome wheels, and the seat looks to be in great shape... and the plaque doesnt have anyone's name on it, if you are interested in it and it has been out there a while, I would say shoot a number out to them, the worst thing they can say is no...if I were closer I would, it just isnt worth it for me when I am over 700 miles away...
  4. kthack657

    Oops we did it again...horse wrangling

    Well we have started to dig into this tractor...the engine has compression, spark and fuel but will not start...we have cleaned the points too, any ideas what could be wrong?? Also the spindles have been welded, the deck is junk, but if anyone needs parts off of the deck let me know, it will go to the scrap yard on Saturday at the latest...just to give you an idea how bad it is, the middle is a hole, no metal to be found...not olanning on using it for mowing, but figure someone may neex something
  5. kthack657

    Oops we did it again...horse wrangling

    Hey Tankman, is the brownsville road you are talking about near Trevose, PA?? if so you were right around the corner from me
  6. kthack657

    Oops we did it again...horse wrangling

    This will be a restore project...we are also planning on a "mini me" project to go along with it...but first we need to put some new sneakers on it...or should I say better sneakers on it so we can push it around.
  7. kthack657

    What would you buy to keep forever?

    I have too many that I will not part with...my GT14, 701, Early 68 Charger 12, my custom, 401, 1045 and 657 I love them all equally, oh and I cannot forget my other 1045 and my 417A...here is a pic of just a few...it truly is an addiction...
  8. While on Facebook yesterday a fellow redsquare member put out a wheelhorse that was on the market place. I pretty much ignored it because Jim was not home and I didnt know what time he was getting home and he has the truck. When he got home, I mentioned it but he did not seem to be interested so I left it there. Sooo...yesterday after driving 600 miles home from a car show in MI, Jim sees the same post on Facebook and was like "why didn't you tell me about this?" I was like "I did and you didn't seem interested" long story short he thought I said 1054, not 1045 and so he messaged the guy and the guy said if you have cash and can get here tonight, it is yours...bring help because it is heavy. So we put our little trailer on the truck and headed out. The trans is not locked up and the engine turns over, Jim believes that it would have started if the points are cleaned...not bad for a piece of "lawn art" that hasn't been run in 10+ years. It sat on a raised concrete slab, and it was rougher than the pictures showed. The guy said he originally picked it up in his minivan...that takes balls!!. The front and rear tires are SHOT and are not salvageable there are rust holes in the deck and the lights thatvare on the front are mismatched but it is all there and that is all that really matters...this one is getting restored!!
  9. kthack657

    Horse Sitting

    701 - Princess 401- Happy Gt-14 - Beastie 657 - Peppy Custom - Triclopse Charger 12 -Remmi These are just a few...we name them if they are going to stay...
  10. kthack657

    New jugs for a kt17

    Hi all I have heard that you can get new jugs for the kt17, but have not been able to find them. I have a 416-A that. developed quite an oil leak and had thought before it happened that I wanted to replace the jugs, help... ot sure where to get them, just an fyi I did try ebay and they only had used Thank you in advance for your help
  11. kthack657


    I am in the flourescent yellow shirt with the pig tails (Karen) and Jim is right behind me
  12. kthack657


    Hello I have a C141 up for sale with a 14 hp kohler. The motor is free and has compression along with a new fuel pump, but is not running as the fuel lines need to be hooked up and needs some rewiring for the ignition. The hydro is good but needs to be adjusted as when I got it running, it had go and stop, no in between. Is a great candidate for a restoration. Let me know if you are interested.
  13. Jimt1971 and I were in it, just look for the flourescent yellow shirt
  14. Bright yellow shirt, behind Brian and next to Jim
  15. kthack657

    2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    C141 has been loaded in the trailer for sale, is rough but the engine is free and has compression, also has a new fuel pumpthe hood is on the ground next to the tractor, let me know if you have any questions...see everyone Thursday