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  1. octfst

    Bantam Mower, Info Needed

    Not sure of value. But I have one and it gets a lot of attention at the shows. I would say worth saving. I paid $350 for mine. hope this helps.
  2. octfst

    Winston-Salem, NC

    just went through there Monday. I could of help you out. If I knew then. sorry.
  3. octfst

    The last one I buy this year!

    I've said "THATS THE LAST ONE" so many time's NO one believes me any more. Went to a show in July no truck & no money 150 miles from home took me about 10 min. to buy a 704.
  4. The Buckeye Wheel Horse Collectors Club will be having are Fall meeting Sat Sept 12 2015 at 1pm at the Buckeye Iron Will Show this weekend Starts 12 noon Fri Sept 11 2015 at the Richland County Fairgrounds in Mansfield Ohio. The Vintage Garden Tractor Club Of America will be there this year also. You can come in as early as Thur. Sept 10th. Camping available. There will be tractors of ALL sizes, Hit & Miss engines, Steam engines, and more. I will be there Thur. Hope to see you there.
  5. I have a B 100 with a tiller. The john deere is under powered and the tiller would be hard on that variable speed trans. I would think the Cub would be about the same as the B100. The B100 works fine but could use more power. It's all it wants.
  6. octfst

    500 special or workhorse 700

    I don't know if it's a 606. but I do believe it's a 1965 or 1966. what motor was on it with out that tag you will never know.
  7. octfst

    500 special or workhorse 700

    There's no numbers in the frame. only on your missing tag. I think your right about indent in the belt guard as far as 1965 & 1966 models. but if it's not the original motor could have been a tecky 6hp like a 606. No mater what I would leave the K 181 on it and it will make you a good tractor. lots of tecky powered tractors got repowered. If it's K181 it would have a starter generator on it and I didn't see one in your pics there should be numbers on your motor that could help you there.
  8. octfst

    500 special or workhorse 700

    There was 855, 856, 857 & commando 8 that had 3 speed/4speed trans. They all would have a starter generator. They made other models with 8hp but they had different trans,
  9. octfst

    500 special or workhorse 700

    What makes you think it's a 500 special or a 700? they made plenty of that body style with a K181. That doe's look like a later model k181 but with out that tag there' s no way to know for sure. tractor looks older then 1968 or 1969 to me.
  10. octfst

    500 special or workhorse 700

    A 500 special is a commando 6 with different decals. so you will need the Id tag to confirm that. It's under the dash and very hard to see. A 500 special has a Tecumseh H60-75118H 6hp. a 700 has a Tecumseh H70-130043 7hp. there's many other models it could be if not the original motor. Hope this helps.
  11. octfst

    Is it worth it?

    That looks like a 1973 8hp 4 speed. There known as no names because in 1973 they didn't name them.
  12. octfst

    My Dad's tractors.

    It's mostly original. In the 70's dad put a new K181 8hp motor on. I love it just the way it is. I restored the raider in 2006.
  13. octfst

    My Dad's tractors.

    You know it.
  14. octfst

    My Dad's tractors.

    This picture were my dad's. I grew up on the 753 and he got the Raider 12 in the 80's. He gave me the Raider in 2005 and let the addiction begin. I had to trade a 753 I bought & restored for his 753 he sold to his best friend.