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  1. steelman

    Predator Swapped C-161 is a BEAST

    Chains are definitely a difference maker. I just moved to a new home with a concrete driveway and am concerned that my chains wi. damage the cement. I will likely pick up some rubber chains if I can get a source. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. steelman


    Congratulations!! I retired two years ago and one of the hardest questions to answer is, what do you do every day? I just say it's like every day is a Saturday or vacation and I do whatever feels right. Love the freedom that comes with retiring!
  3. I heat a 32 x 44 two story barn with wood at my farm/ hunting property. Love the wood heat and I have an abundance of wood to burn. My house has a three car garage with a natural gas heater installed. We are just moving into it so I have not spent a winter in it yet but I look forward to using it shortly.
  4. steelman

    rototiller wanted

    Looking for a good used rototiller that will fit a 416-8 or C160. If anything is available you can email me at ajstark51@yahoo.com.
  5. Good thing the snow load in Maine is only 50 to 60 psf....lol. Every other post should be braced at a minimum if you have anything stored above.
  6. steelman

    Thinning the herd

    Very nice looking machines. You should have no problems with thinning your herd!
  7. steelman

    Hello, new owner here.

    Just reading your post from several weeks ago. That is quite a haul of goodies with the C160. Assuming you got it all home and putting it to work.
  8. steelman

    Hello. New C-120 Owner Here

    looks to be in great shape, especially the seat!
  9. steelman

    854 with factory Cab

    Sweet looking machine! You can sure tell it was taken very good care of
  10. steelman

    Wiring Harness 414-8

    Is this harness still available?
  11. My "Horse Hauler" is a single axel trailer with 3500# axel. I noticed recently that the tires are wearing bad on the inner half of the tread leading me to believe that I have a bent axel, perhaps from hauling firewood last fall. Does anyone have any experience with correcting the issue or should I be shopping for a new axel?
  12. steelman

    Happy Birthday Ed Kennell

    Happy birthday Ed and thanks for all your input here in the Square!
  13. steelman

    Vintage Trucks

    If I had an old girl like that I would love her too
  14. steelman

    60" deck

    Wow, that's amazing. I saw two 520's with decks sell at an auction a couple of months ago. I have a few too many projects now and they were pretty rough; I just stood there and watched as the one that ran sold for $375 and the other one that didn't run went for $75. I sure wished I would have bid on them, if nothing else a parts tractor for someone.
  15. steelman

    60" deck

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I didn't think it would work either. There is a guy wanting to swap a 60" for a 48" and seeing that I have a couple 48's I thought I would ask the question. As far as seat time, my wife does most of the mowing with her Dixie Chopper, but I get a fair amount of seat time at my farm with a C160 hydro. It really does an amazing job on the fringe areas and even opening up deer trails.