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  1. jebbear

    Paint Code?

    For my , this is what I just used on my 1966 Model 856 and I am extremely happy with the results, very close to my original color as near as I can tell. International Harvester IH-50
  2. jebbear

    Underside of mower deck?

    Thank-you everyone for some great ideas. The Agriguard is totally new to me, so I'll look into this a little deeper. I have heard of the POR-15 product but have never used it, but also seems to get some pretty good reviews in different applications. I knew you guys would come up with some great suggestions!
  3. jebbear

    Underside of mower deck?

    Thanks Terry! Must have been a senior moment!
  4. jebbear

    Underside of mower deck?

    Thanks @ohiofarmer ! That looks like some good stuff. I'm always skeptical of a lot of claims that manufacturers make, but if you have personal experience, that's definitely a plus. Never heard of it before, where do you buy, Tractor Supply, Rural King?
  5. jebbear

    Underside of mower deck?

    OOOPS!! My bad. Probably should have put this under Implements and Attachments.
  6. Read a couple of old threads on here concerning the best methods of painting / coating / preservation / treatment for the underside of mower decks. Since I just started restoring my deck, thought I would throw this out there again for some fresh ideas and see what you all have found to be the best solution to preserve the underside (I know, regular cleaning in the end is the best). I will be stripping it to totally clean metal, probably using a combination of electrolysis and sandblasting to get it back to near white condition before painting. Suggestions on paint, coatings, etc.?
  7. jebbear

    Park brake 1276

    Nice looking !!! And Welcome to ...
  8. jebbear

    1067 rebuild

    One thing I just noticed on your pivot pin, I assume that you made provisions to SECURELY get the bolt in the pin flange anchored SECURELY back into the frame? Notice the key word here, as it is my personal experience and believe others have experienced the same, that these bolts tend to work loose and fall out allowing the pin to rotate with the axle. One other thing I did on my restore, I pressed in a couple of bronze sleeve bearings in the axle casting where the pin rides through. Really tightened it up and if it does wear out, just press in a couple of new bearings and hopefully no new damage to the axle boring.
  9. jebbear

    1067 rebuild

    Looking good! I am kind of running into the same dilemma while working on my mower deck. Don't like hanging a whole bunch of weight of the entire deck merely on the edge of a piece of steel. Can't figure why they designed these things without adequate bearing surface to distribute the weight a little better.
  10. jebbear

    1067 rebuild

    I've often looked at the HF ones, I sure don't need anything any more than that for all I do (or attempt to do). I never even held one in my hands so I sure don't even know what to expect but I guess I always assumed that it would be at least a little easier to use. Maybe I'll bite the bullet one of these days & try it out.
  11. jebbear

    1067 rebuild

    Believe me, I'm in the same category. I usually try to braze things when I can, I did develop a little bit of a touch for that. But my welding , leaves a lot to be desired. Often wondered if I could do any better with some of the newer wire feed welders, cause all I have is an old AC/DC stick welder. I have even done a few welds with my torches, but not pretty!
  12. jebbear

    1067 rebuild

    I agree 100%. With all of the bushings that I stuck in my project, it's almost back to brand new or even tighter. The only slop that I couldn't find an easy fix for was between the fan gear and the steering pinion. It's not enough to even attempt to do anything with but everything else came out really good. The neat thing with bronze bearings, hopefully it will preserve the base metal and if anything does come back just pop in a new bearing.
  13. jebbear

    1067 rebuild

    Not sure of what all that you have access to in the way of tools (welder, lathe, etc), but as Eric mentioned above, the repair that I did on mine came out rather well if I do say so myself. I can’t figure out how to post a direct link to the page with this crazy iPad, but if you find my thread, it’s on the 3rd page of posts. The fix was pretty basic, but did require torches to braze the bushings in and a lathe to make a new pin. If you need any additional info, be glad to help.
  14. jebbear

    Needle Scaler

    Been there too! Rices Landing... we're almost neighbors!
  15. jebbear

    Rust removal

    Yep, absolutely! I forgot to mention that. Mine is an old Craftsman AC/DC Buzz box, I'll have to give it a try some day for the rust removal & see how it works. I might as well, because I never did learn how to use it CORRECTLY for welding anyway!