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  1. SAM58

    Wheelhorse raider

    CORRECT! Missing belt gaurd will cause tranny problems....
  2. SAM58

    Wanted any parts and implements for 520h

    I have a 50" belly blade 1997 year model. Used very little, some surface rust starting where it was outside, stored inside last 6 months. I don't use it & looking to sell for $400.00 OBO Located in Paintsville, Kentucky. 41240
  3. SAM58

    Sold - 48" side discharge deck

  4. SAM58

    newbie here...520H Onan / Carb / surging question

    Clean the carb, it will fix your problem!
  5. SAM58

    Sold - 48" side discharge deck

    I would buy it, but too far away!!...
  6. SAM58

    Eaton 1100 Oil Change

    Are you sure it is the Eaton 1100? I was thinking the 314H has the Eaton 700... WIX 51410 is a very good replacement for the toro filter. 5 qts 10-W30.
  7. SAM58

    520h disappointing

    Something bad wrong with your tractor or someone has worked on it and didn't use the correct Filter, oil or you bought one with a tranny going bad. Mine is a beast!! i can run it up against a tree & it keeps digging. Can't stall one that is in good working order. We had 20" snow storm over the weekend and I pushed snow for about 12 hours the last two days for me and about 5 neighbors. Chains, No wheel weights. Use: 10W-30 Premium Motor oil for the Hydro (5 Qts if drained properly) WIX Filter 51410 (without the check valve in it) I think you have the wrong filter & its starving for fluid. See the pictures, First passed almost made it to the bottom, but you can see the mound of snow in front. moved it and had no problem after that. Second & third was end results, Last picture is a neighbors driveway 200 + feet long I plowed for a widow woman, about an hour or so... Where can I find a Belt Guard with the vent holes like yours??
  8. Thanks guys for the info i have been out of touch for awhile, I haven't bought or sold any tractors for about two years. My wife had been sick with colon cancer. She passed away September 26th, 2014 at the age of 54 and I am thinking about getting one to restore to keep me busy. I believe this is one i will pursue, because it is the same tractor that started me with Wheel Horse. We have had a Raider 12 in the family since 1973.
  9. I am trying to confirm the Model & year of this tractor, I think it is a 1972 Raider 12. I want to know for sure before I drive 7 hours round trip to pick it up. Thanks
  10. SAM58

    Valve placement on rear wheels

    Every original Wheel Horse rim i have seen has the valve stems on the inside. I have seen John Deer rims & Simplicity Rims that will fit a WH and the stems will be on the outside. My 2 Cents
  11. SAM58

    New to tractors

    Cool Tractor!
  12. SAM58

    Newbie but oldie

  13. SAM58

    New Member