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  1. Torque specs for those how are interested. hub set screws 28-32 ft lbs lug nuts 40 ft lbs
  2. Eaton model 11, the woodruff key is 3/16 x 1 1/8 so maybe the key is longer then yours. I believe the axles are original seeing there was only one owner before me and nothing was mentioned about a tranny swap. The right (long side) shaft is 13 1/8
  3. I did exactly that although I held the brass drift's handle horizontal on the edge of the key and hit it with a 2 pound hammer (it was bending vertical). The driverside key was really stuck in there took some heavy blows while shooting some Kroil in after each wack. The passengerside wasn't much trouble. I cleaned the shaft and inside the hub with emery cloth and filed the shaft where the set screw had left it's mark. I used a small file that fit perfectly to clean the hub's keyway. I coated the shaft and hub with transmission fluid and the hub slid on without issue. If someone could post the torque specs for the tranny drain plug and hub lug nuts it would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies, So if it's a half moon I'm thinking I can tap down and inward on one side? I was trying to tap it up from the outside edge but didn't want to go at it too hard and damage the inner clip (moving the shaft in). I tried plies and vice grips, no go.
  5. RE: replacing both axle oil seals. Is it a half moon or flat? I
  6. Posimoto

    Snowblower Weight

    My Bercomac two-stage blower weighs 310lbs
  7. Posimoto

    38" Two Stage Snow Thrower????

    I have one and their great blowers (dennist linked my thread to this post). Their listed in the Wheel Horse brochure for $1400 and weigh just over 300lbs. Make sure you get all the parts that come with it.
  8. Posimoto

    520H/Onan P220 Servicing Info

    The wix 51374 = 520H w / Onan P220G engine
  9. Posimoto

    520H/Onan P220 Servicing Info

    The wix 51410 Hydro filter doesn't use a by-pass or anti-drain back valve similar to the OME Toro filter. If you feel better using a OME filter do so, but IMO there is no performance difference between the wix 51410 filter and Toro filter the only difference being the price.
  10. Posimoto

    Linkage issue

    I haven't noticed any slipping and the guard is attached and mounted correctly. I'll inspect the belt again come spring, thanks!
  11. Posimoto

    Linkage issue

    It was down stream of the fan pulley (forward direction) about a foot in front of it. It was flapping about 2
  12. Posimoto

    Linkage issue

    Thanks for the fast response, Yes, I
  13. Posimoto

    Linkage issue

    Since purchasing last summer I noticed reverse seem a bit slow with good forward speed. I didn
  14. I now have the push arm, springs, and turnbuckles. Ready for the snow. Also, when I bought the snowblower it didn
  15. Update: Bercomac sold to Radtech (1-800-338-6090) they are located down the road from Bercomac. At the time of the transfer (1992) a lot of the parts and all of the drawings where thrown out. The push arm is no longer available however, some parts that are used on other models are available like the springs $22.88 and turnbuckles $2.00. Looks like I will be making my own push arm. If someone has measurements that would be helpful.