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    314-8 50th Anniversary Ed.
    314-8 50th Anniversary Ed.
    417-8 1985 no engine (Future Project)
    42 side discharge deck with twin bagger
    42 rear discharge deck
    48 inch dozer blade (2)
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    42 single stage snowblower
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  1. WHwest8597

    Frame capability

    I have 1997 314-8 frame that is cracked in the back plate. I'm trying to decided to repair the plate or just replace the whole frame. I have a 417-8 frame and 416H frame.
  2. WHwest8597

    Ventrac Plant Problems

    I thought it had to do with the recent weather.
  3. WHwest8597

    Ventrac Plant Problems

    I had heard Ventrac was having problems at there plant. I was at a dealer today and they are currently sold out and can't get any in. Anyone hear any details?
  4. WHwest8597

    Auction here in Maine

    Post a few pictures of your shed when complete. I'm currently debating on building a new shed or add on to the garage.
  5. WHwest8597

    Last Year for Hydrostatic

    Was 1997 the last year for the Classic body style hydrostatic models? From what I can tell Toro went to the cheaper 200 series H and xi series in 1998. Looking for my first Hydro. I'm guessing 314H and 312H were the most popular H series 1985 to 1997. I'm looking for a Hydro to make grass cutting easier if someone else is cutting grass other than me. I would love a xi with a dump from seat bagger.
  6. WHwest8597


    Does anyone here have a sunshade? Do you like it? Can you use it with a bagger attached?
  7. WHwest8597

    Deck pulley

    42 inch side discharge.
  8. WHwest8597

    Deck pulley

    I'm I right in saying these pulleys are on backwards. Small should be on bottom and big on top. Did I damage anything by having them on wrong? It won't let me post pic says to big.
  9. Why is it that something even better gets posted after you make a purchase. After buying a 315-8 last weekend. A 2005 with 225 hrs was posted yesterday. Oh well, I'm still looking for a nice Hydro as a parade tractor.
  10. WHwest8597

    Making Purchase

    I'm storing my recent purchase at a friends. I'm hoping to build a new shed in the fall. His Craftsman is giving him problems so I told him to use the Wheelhorse. I showed him how to use the clutch and brake. He was impressed by the cut and how hit held you back mowing down hill. I think if I can find him a Hydro he will convert. All he would want is a bagger and plow.
  11. WHwest8597

    Making Purchase

    Did I really need this tractor? No. However, when I first saw it on Let go I thought it was worth going to look at. I knew there was dent around headlight, but didn't know the hours. I went to look at it this morning with a buddy. I offered $1300, settled on $1400. I got extra set of wheels with ok abs and a used pto/clutch.
  12. WHwest8597

    Making Purchase

    I bought the tractor for $1400.
  13. WHwest8597

    Making Purchase

    2002 315-8 48 inch deck 690 hours 1500 I rate it a 9 Is this a good price?
  14. WHwest8597

    315-8 Feedback

    I'm looking for some feedback from other 315-8 owners. What do you like don't like about this model? I have 2 314-8s and 1 315-5. I'm looking at purchasing another 315-8. I cut a little over an acre of grass. The 314s are getting up in age and hours. The only thing I don't like about the 315-8 is the electric PTO and the key to mow in reverse. I currently have 42 inch decks with baggers on both models. The 315-8 I'm currently looking at has a 48 inch deck.
  15. WHwest8597

    Buying New Garden Tractor

    If you were to buy a Garden Tractor today, what would it be? I'm looking to use it to cut 1 to 1.5 acre. Want a bagger and a plow for snow. Yard is not flat. There are some hills, but nothing my 314-8 can't handle.