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  1. Hey Bo Dawg, i came across your profile and seen you have a 520 h , i just bought one last week , and it runs great and is in great condition , my question for you is since im new to wheel horsee is , couod you tell me what loader will fit on my tractor? Or will on fit , i seen smaller tractors with front end loaders on them and would really like to out fit mine with one also the grader and snowthrower ?  Sorry for all the questions but i been on this site now for a few hojrs and cant seem to find any info on them, thsnks in advance for your time and help 


    1. bo dawg

      bo dawg

      Hi, sorry I'm late. Havent been on for a few days. 

      Im not the greatest when it comes to the loaders but I know Kwik Way, and Ark loaders work.

  2. bo dawg

    Worked the D today.

    This should be enough gravel to keep the horses on.
  3. bo dawg

    Worked the D today.

    Yea it worked me hard but gosh I had fun.
  4. bo dawg

    Worked the D today.

    Leveled the dirt floor in my 50 year old chicken barn today to start spreading gravel. Of course I had to use my brothers old Ford 9 N loader to bring the gravel in then worked it with the D and some raking. The 9 N was like driving a tank thru a battle ground. No power steering and having the big bush hog on the back for counter weight it was tuff making sure not to hit anything. Lol!
  5. bo dawg

    Questions for D owners

    So what should I do then? It does have some build up of washers between the rubber piece. Do you have to pull the motor to work on it? It does whine if the engine doesn't have enough rpms when you engage the travel starting out.
  6. bo dawg


    That is a Series 1 engine. I love mine.
  7. Thanks Sarge, after looking at the post Garry added I can see clearly now. Wow now I have that song in my head...… I can see clearly now the rain is gone...…. Lol
  8. Thanks Garry, this is exactly what I needed. I was searching on here in the Manual section but couldn't come up with it. I installed it yesterday to what seemed correct, but according to this I have the spring assy up side down and in the wrong hole on lift bar. Lol! I was afraid of the long end of the assy lift rod sticking up into the tractor and hitting somewhere, so I thought it pointed down. Glad I see this now.
  9. May sound stupid but since I'm new to the big D's, does anyone have a picture or diagram of how exactly the snow plow hooks up on the mid lift? It has the spring loaded rod too. Its a bit different looking then the C's and I want to make sure I do it right. Thanks
  10. Good working Woods brand mower, I bought with my D-160 and thought I had to have it, but I decided not to keep it. I used it once and works great. I don't have any other info on it. I haven't had it long
  11. bo dawg

    Volt meter reading

    Couldnt I put a fuse block in to power each gauge/meter, plus it would have its own fuse safety?
  12. Hey squonk, what is the black inline fuse attached to the neg and pos batt terminals power? That to the ign.? Or something else. I had that same thing on mine with a plug in on other end just hanging down to nothing.
  13. bo dawg

    Volt meter reading

    Yea I have 2 others besides the volt meter. A oil temp gauge, and an hr meter. I was running to temp gauge first then jump over from there to volt and hr meters.
  14. bo dawg

    Volt meter reading

    Skipper what do you mean “all + leads to on group hug” ?
  15. bo dawg

    Volt meter reading

    It doesn't matter which gauge I run to 1st from ign., jumping from there to next gauge does it?