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  1. shallowwatersailor

    To Purchase or not to purchase?

    I am probably 180 degrees on purchasing. I know that I have bought a few non-running pieces of equipment but those days are most likely over for me. Especially if you need to dip in for some cash. Seems that they tend to stay that way do to time required, other commitments, time of year as Richard commented, etc. The 414-8 would be decent if running, and the 518-H if it has the Eaton 11 instead of the Eaton 7 transmission.
  2. shallowwatersailor

    towing rig

    I used 2" receivers on my tractors by Scott and Tom (Rupprechts Welding), and a Harbor Freight 6" Drop/Rise hitch to tow my logsplitter around.
  3. shallowwatersailor

    If 5xi hydro is over filled, is it toast?

    That is the hydraulic steering screen. They never go bad! Inside is a screen that just needs to be cleaned. That aftermarket item might be restricting the flow too much. What is the condition of the transmission filter underneath the tractor? It could be the wrong aftermarket filter or maybe even never been changed! With regards to 5W-40 vs the proper 10W-30, It is best to put everything back to normal before doing any serious troubleshooting.
  4. shallowwatersailor

    If 5xi hydro is over filled, is it toast?

    I would change out the 5W-40 that is in there and replace it with the correct 10W-30 before anything else. I'm not sure if it would make that much difference but it would be a place to start. What filter was installed? A Toro filter or NAPA 1410 are what I would use. Hopefully it isn't an engine oil filter as opposed to a hydraulic filter.
  5. shallowwatersailor

    52" xi series deck Wanted urgently

    Not sure where you are located but there is one here in VA. https://fredericksburg.craigslist.org/grd/d/wheel-horse-52-new-old-stock/6722543241.html
  6. shallowwatersailor

    Right side door 314-H

    OTC does sell individual parts, if you can't find one used.
  7. Did you check the chain tension after running it without snow? It sounds as if it lost tension, or you have too many links in the chain.
  8. shallowwatersailor

    Dumbbell weights as wheelweights, anybody tries?

    Here is a photo of my former 5xi. I used dumbell weights on the 518xi which is closest to the camera. I bought the brackets from a vendor on eBay with a 1" shaft. The advantage was that I could start with smaller weights on the inside of the rim graduating to larger ones outside the wheel. To hold them in place, I used a 1" locking collar and ground a flat onto the shaft for the set screw.
  9. shallowwatersailor

    417a info needed

    Another way to check the transmission and transaxle is to place it against a curb. It should spin the tires on the asphalt/concrete.
  10. shallowwatersailor


    Nice looking lines!
  11. shallowwatersailor

    1987 314-A Hydrostat Oil Requirements

    See the drawing on page 7. http://www.eaton.com/ecm/groups/public/@pub/@eaton/@hyd/documents/content/pll_1616.pdf
  12. shallowwatersailor

    1987 314-A Hydrostat Oil Requirements

    You could use a turkey baster to draw it off. There actually is a drain plug on the transmission but difficult to find. The transaxle has its own oil sump with a drain plug underneath. It should be a 1/4" allen head plug.The transaxle uses 10W-30 motor oil. With regards to the backfire, each time it does backfire it affects the muffler. It will eventually split. On the Kohler 5xi tractors, a shutdown procedure to prevent backfires was to allow it to idle down and then give it full throttle while turning the ignition off.
  13. shallowwatersailor

    Happy Birthday Oliver2-44

    Happy Birthday, Jim!
  14. shallowwatersailor

    what index handle should I use

    I have bought two of them used from a dealer. Cheaper than new.