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  1. Say "D"-Man,

                     I have an 18 Auto as you know, should the dynamic brake stop the tractor while traveling in reverse? I usually have to move the motion lever a bit forward to stop. I followed the manual on adjusting the neutral stop, but no matter what, the machine wants to keep rolling while traveling in reverse. Most everyone I have asked just tells me they use the motion control on the 18 Auto. Also, A-Z has a complete turning brake assembly for sale, is that kit a nightmare to install?




    Thank you,


    1. "D"- Man

      "D"- Man

      I know very little about driving and stopping an 18 Automatic, although I have had two 18's, a D-180 and a D-200, I personally have had very little seat {driving} time all but one of the tractors we're purchased not in running condition.  The one that sort of ran only would do so for a short distance, then stop.

      I know the 18's and the D's are designed to stop by simply placing the motion control lever in the neutral position.