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  1. "D"- Man

    front tach o matic system on a 953/1054?

    I purchased a used 1054 with a Wheel Horse attachment bracket thingy on the front but not sure if this is what you are referring to. Excuse the poor picture due to lighting conditions and it is sort of tucked away in my garage.
  2. "D"- Man

    953/1054 tail light lense

    I will try to get you a picture of the one I have, if you want it it's yours.
  3. "D"- Man

    D180 pto clutch pulley

    Does it look like the pulley in this listing? Ebay item #113283220430
  4. "D"- Man

    Woodford key

    If you have a Fastenal they may stock them as well
  5. "D"- Man

    N.O.S. Parts

    Sorry Dave, these are not for sale. Thanks.
  6. "D"- Man

    N.O.S. Parts

    Part #102817 and some Part #103184 packs of 5 each.
  7. I work for an Electronic company, however I am a meter reader. That being said, I have occasion on more than one of these boxes hooked up to a residents house. They have to be receiving the power from the line side {hence prior to the meeting, } so the customer does not get charged for the "lost Eddy currents" as it is only metered kwh's that are billed. The device has to have the 120 v AC transformered into 240 v AC w/ground or neutral, so that this provides an equal 2x 120 v AC feeds. Now it should be obvious that this will draw at least twice the current from the good leg, to provide the same power with the 2 legs. P.S. is the quiz open book?
  8. "D"- Man

    D -160 cooling fan

    I do not know what temp is needed at the thermostat switch, but if you just place a flame from like a lighter under the curved metal part, it will be enough to close the circuit. You should not let the flame get close enough to reach the metal.
  9. I like the "D" - Series. D-160, D-180 & D-200.
  10. I have a different take, I hope I am wrong about this, but if I am not mistaken, only a supporting member can remove images from their own posts; and the user name change could be initials that stand for: Robert Too F ------ Bad Gulftane. {Administrator or Moderators can delete this reply if you think it is inappropriate or if you think I am wrong.}
  11. "D"- Man

    3 point hitch

    I am not certain, but I think a least the bracket that holds the top link is unique to the modei, and possibly the bell crank.
  12. "D"- Man

    3 point hitch

    I know some of the parts will swap, but not all. The cylinder should be the same.
  13. Bought a used 36" Ridgid pipe wrench at a garage sale, asking price was $15.00 seller said he would take $12.00 for it. It needed cleaned up so I had it sandblasted and then I primed and painted the handle. Going to get the #7 shaped piece powder coated black. No before pics.
  14. "D"- Man

    Trying to mount plow to my D180

    Does it look like this?
  15. Dave the pulley in the picture is from an 18 Automatic deck not new.