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    1981 WH GT2500 Anniversary Special
    WH 42" Rear Discharge Deck
    WH 42"Dozer Blade (ID# 06-42B001-12110)
    Toro / WH 36" Single Stage Snow Blower ( Model #79360)
    1963 WH LTD-243 5.5 Cubic Foot Dump Cart
    1962-67 WH SC-152 36" Spike Aerator
    1987 WH 211-5 (ID#3111BX02 34636)
    WH Side Discharge Deck
    WH Dual Rear Bagger (ID # 0700BL01)
    1990 Toro / WH 312-8 Classic
    WH 42" side discharge deck
    WH wheel weights
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  1. Smokey Blaze

    GT2500 Silver Anniversary WH

    GT 2500 Silver Anniversary Wheel Horse tractor. 42" rear discharge deck. 11 hp B & S motor. Runs good, new battery. All original, I have original owners manual, tire chains, always garage kept, second owner. Text: 570-seven seven 8 - three seven 84 for pictures.
  2. Wheel Horse GT2500 Silver Anniversary tractor. All original, always garaged. Good Condition. New Battery. Recent tune -up. Rear discharge deck. Call / text 570-seven-seven-eight-3784 for pics or more info,WH.rtfWH.rtf WH2.rtf
  3. Smokey Blaze

    Slot and clevis hitch

    2 slot hitches that have been cleaned and painted $40.00 each, plus actual cost of shipping via UPS 1 clevis hitch in original used cond. $125.00, plus actual cost of shipping via UPS Call / text: 570 seven seven eight three seven eight four for pictures
  4. Smokey Blaze

    Wheel Horse dump cart

    1963 WH LTD-243 5.5 Cubic Foot Dump Cart in good condition. Original tires hold air. Text: 570-Seven seven 8 -three seven eight four for pics.
  5. Smokey Blaze

    WH collection

    1981 WH GT2500 Anniversary Special with 42" Rear Discharge Deck. Original 11 hp B & S engine (no hour meter) 1990 Toro / WH 312-8 Classic with 42' side discharge deck (910 hrs.) WH 42" dozer / snow plow blade (ID # 06=42B001-12110) 1962- 1967 WH 36" Spike aerator (SC-152) 1963 WH LTD-243 5.5 Cubic Foot Dump Cart1 set WH wheel weights 1 set 4 link tire chains 1 set 2 link tire chains All in very good condition.
  6. Smokey Blaze

    C121 - 8

    PM sent
  7. Smokey Blaze

    C121 - 8

    My father in law has a C121-8 with no engine. Usable parts include the gas tank that he is asking $35.00 for. Other usable parts include the transmission, hood, dash, seat pan (rough) and frame. He does have some parts for the engine, but he does not have the block, He also has a 32" rear discharge deck and a 42" rear discharge deck. The 42" deck includes the mule drive.
  8. Smokey Blaze

    Crank 20 times before Kohler's start

    My 312-8 seems to have the same problem. After cranking it for a while without getting it started I gave it a few quick shots of starting fluid and it fired right up. Starts up everytime after that, but if I leave it sit for a few days I have to repaet the above process.
  9. Smokey Blaze

    GT2500 w/ B & S 11 hp

    I checked the safety switch beneath the seat and it seems fine. It seems that the safety switches worked well before the engine stalled and they continued to fuction properly after cooling down.
  10. Smokey Blaze

    GT2500 w/ B & S 11 hp

    I removed the engine shroud and there was no evidence of any critters, nests or droppings behind the shroud. I cleaned the slight accumulation of gunk from behind the shroud. I'll check the safety switches next
  11. Smokey Blaze

    GT2500 w/ B & S 11 hp

    That is my thoughts as well. I just don't know where to look.
  12. Smokey Blaze

    GT2500 w/ B & S 11 hp

    At this point I do not suspect the mower deck. I finished cutting my lawn with my 312 and then got back on the GT 2500, started it up, engaged the pto and drove it around for approx 1/2 hr (with the pto engaged) without any problems what so ever. I beleive the mover deck is a 42" it is a rear discharge deck.
  13. Smokey Blaze

    GT2500 w/ B & S 11 hp

    While cuttinhg the grass with my WH GT2500 Anniversary Special the engine suddenly stopped, followed by a loud backfire, I was cutting my lawn for approx 1/2 hr. when this occurred. This is the original engine on this tractor. I started it and it fired right back up, but when I engaged the pto the engine again immediately stalled, Started right back up and same thing happened. I started it up again and drove it around for a while without engaging the pto. Engine runs fine until I engage the pto. Any ideas / suggestions what could be wrong? The grass I was cutiing is cut on a weekly basis and was not tall / wet. I had to finish the job with my 312-8.
  14. Smokey Blaze

    Done a little work today

    I for one don't think you GT 2500 has been reblocked. I also have a WH GT2500 that I purchased from the original owner, who was very meticulous with it, kept it in a heated garage and had it serviced at regular intervals. My GT2500 has its origianl 11 hp Briggs motor, which looks to be the same color as yours. Mine has a 42" rear discharge deck. The GT2500 was a one year only model (1981) and it marked the silver anniversary for Wheel Horse. I believe it came with a small bar of silver as an added attraction. A very similar model was made in 1982 and identified as SB-421.
  15. Smokey Blaze

    Starter motor ??

    The teeth of the nylon gear on top of the starter on my '87 WH 211-5 are ground down to nothing and the starter will no longer engage and start the engine. What caused this and do I need to replace the entire starter?