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  1. Yes, good eye-paint on the cables-I missed that good job Racinbob!!
  2. Hey Guys, any help with ID or info on this possibly rare bird? It appears to be the original paint but idk for sure. Alo, a B series with electric lift rather rare I think HUH?
  3. melonman

    Rebuildable lift cylinder

    I have one from C160. Pm me for details, $20 + shipping from MI 48462 248-376-2002 vm/txt Larry
  4. Hi, congrats to you on your swap! I was glad to hear it went easy enough for you. I have had both a 312-A and now have 417-A and although both had some substantial hours on them both; they both seem to freewheel a bit going downhill AND I seem to CONSTANTLY have to be tweaking the speed ie. MCL to stay at speed...After 12 yes. I have learned to live with it. Tighten pivot at the cam can help a little but still seems to slow up if it isn't tightened up-which then can be TOO tight for smooth transition from fwd to rev...
  5. my B80 was given to me by a guy who did the yard work for a church! He knew my son and I go kart raced and told me he had a Kolher more for me. I asked him what it was on and he told me his church had bought a new lawn machine, that would be replacing this wheelhorse. I told him I'd be interested in the whole thing. I made a donation to his church and  bought the 36'' rear discharge deck for $250 later. Yep I't's orignal paint I think I made out alright! Thanx, 1940willys

    1. melonman


      Nice, so did your concious guide your donation appropriately-(w/o suffering too many pangs of guilt!!)?!!! lol!

    2. 1940willys


      I think Wayne was very happy and suprised I donated anything at all! Surprised myself actually. We both loved steelhead fishing and thats how we came to know each other. Great toolmaker too, we both worked in the same building.

  6. Hey guys, I am looking at needing to resurface/ replace PTO clutch facing / plate. I have a 31-18KE01 ('87 418-A). Diagram shows the assembly as PN 111238. Wondering how much difference there is between those found on 417-A or 312-A whcih all use 103817. The individual (component) part numbers I have found from those selling (on ebay) and mentioned on a forum are 4365 (facing or plate and/or facing only) & 6657 (rivets (or plate?). In the Toro digram this is only listed as an assembly form what I can see rivets not separate from friction or backing plate. I found an ebay seller with plate with material listed as 4365 & 6657. Are there different thickness and diameters for these-I found another selling the assembly as 103140 & 94-6650 that says are compatible with MANY of the C-series, B-series, etc. etc. Can anyone verify that there are any difference or a cross reference for those that are either discontinued part numbers or compatible? I did see someone mentioned that the plate itself they received from Toro was thinner and they needed to shim to make up for the difference. Any help? (-not looking for advice on how to do the friction material replacment-yes I know; I'm sure it is not that difficult.) Thanks, Larry
  7. melonman

    eation 1100

    any luck on this swap? You will need the other style drive gear (obviously); my question is whether the other gear will mate up to the stock 312-A gear. I think one is a 20 tooth and the other is a 22 tooth. I was thinking of doing the same-although I have an electric lift-so I don't need the hydro-lift cylinder either. Larry