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  1. T-Mo


    Post a for sale ad in our classified section.
  2. T-Mo

    Finally Some Snow!

    Craig, We got about 3 inches in my part of Missouri from that snow event. Funny thing, it was snowing and melting at the same time later in the day (around 11 am). I didn't even bother getting the '47 Cub out, just wasn't enough snow and plus it melted real quick.
  3. T-Mo

    Anyone for squash

    Craig, That's scary - I was also thinking of the sport and was wondering, from the title, if the OP wanted a partner to play squash with. Back in my earlier (read younger) days, I play a lot of racquetball. I got pretty good at it, or at least, the people I played against seem to think so. I had a few rackets, and tried to get as much playing time in as I could. I started playing when I was stationed in Dekalb, Illinois as an Army recruiter. This was in the early to mid 80s. And I played a few years after that until finding court time and a busy schedule got in the way.
  4. T-Mo

    I Just Had to Have One

    I noticed the coil was pretty hot - too hot to touch. This was a coil that a buddy of mine had - the coil that was on it was bad. So, maybe this replacement coil might be the wrong kind - or it's bad also. I may have to buy a new, correct coil for this. And/or trouble shoot this one to see what's making it hot to touch.
  5. T-Mo

    I Just Had to Have One

    It looks like Steiner has reproduction steering wheels for the 70 and 100, plus the 71, etc. for around $50. I'm not sure how close they are to the original and how well made they are. https://www.steinertractor.com/GTS002-steering-wheel
  6. T-Mo

    I Just Had to Have One

    It's sad that some of the previous owners get very creative (read butchered) when fixing things. I would like to find a good steering wheel for this, and may look at buying aftermarket fenders from Xtreme Motor Works. http://www.xtrememotorworks.com/Parts Catalog/Body-Parts-Cub-Cadet.html
  7. T-Mo

    516 H for sale

    Copy this to the classified section.
  8. T-Mo

    I Just Had to Have One

    Update. Set the gap on the points, replaced the coil, clean the carburetor and replaced the float, plus new gaskets, cleaned the breather, and now it starts. Will have to buy a new battery for it, fix the grille support so the hood does not hit the steering wheel when opening and closing, and I will change the fluid on the transmission.
  9. T-Mo

    my yellow and green one

    The 110s were tough garden tractors, a lot of them are still doing their jobs, mowing, snow duties, garden duties, etc. I have been inside a few of those Peerless transmissions - they're easy to work on and usually inexpensive, unless the gears get worn. The detent springs on the shifter forks, plus the gaskets are pretty cheap and are still available from Deere. Some of the later 110s had the option of a 10 hp Kohler K-241 in them, while the earlier versions, including the round fender 110 and the earlier square fender 110s only came with the 8 hp K-181. I had a few of both the round fender and the square fender 110s.
  10. T-Mo

    Added a Cub to the barn

    The 1811 was made from 1986 through 1989, so it was MTD built. Came with a 18 hp Kohler engine. Here are brochures from both 1987 and 1988 for the GT line. 1987 gt.pdf 1988 gt.pdf
  11. T-Mo

    1941 Farmall H

    Nice looking H. I'm sure you know this, but the farmallcub site has a section on the Hs. http://farmallcub.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=176&sid=58511cdac0d49084dade5072a3053b20
  12. T-Mo

    Just a Cubbin'

    Mike, They're great, little tractors (little compared to a, say a Farmall M or a John Deere 830). But they do take up more space than a garden tractor. Prices aren't too bad on these either. The implements is where you can really spend the money, especially the fast hitch implements, plus the fast hitch itself. The Lo-Boys are a bit smaller, lower and shorter, and a tad bit smaller on the wheel base. The main thing is, all the Cubs only pack about 9 hp, but they can do some serious work. They could use a bit more hp. Both of mine have the touch control hydraulics, which makes lifting the implements easier. For size comparisons, here is my '47 next to my Wheel Horse 551.
  13. T-Mo

    Just a Cubbin'

    After I got home from this year's Cubarama (or Cub-Arama, if you wish), I got both the '47 and the '50 Farmall Cubs out for a little bit of fresh air. Since these pictures, I mounted a 42 Woods mower and front wheel weights to the '50. The '47 has the mounting brackets installed when I put on the 54A front blade, it has the fast hitch, and I have a fast hitch moldboard plow for it, if and when I can go to a plow event.
  14. T-Mo

    I Just Had to Have One

    Thansk, Randy @RandyLittrell, I agree on the looks of the 100, as well as the 70. I just hope I don't get in over my head, which isn't too hard for that to happen. I have to address the coil problem, if that is what really is the problem. And I'm sure there is a fuel related problem as well.
  15. T-Mo

    I Just Had to Have One

    Fenders on the Original, 70, 100, 71, 72, and 73 were optional. They're pricey now if you can find a set. There are reproductions out there, which for most of us, good enough. Headlights were another option, that if found today will be pricey. Some of the options on the early Cub Cadets, like some of the stuff on Wheel Horses, are pricey and hard to find now. Things like fenders, headlights, rear reflectors, creeper gear, hydraulic lifts, 3 point lifts, etc., are pricey when you find these things now.