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  1. T-Mo

    I Just Had to Have One

    I'll have to check the serial number as soon as I can....as I said the 100 didn't debut until 1963 and was built through 1965 when it got replaced by the 102, 122, 123 (plus the 71 replaced the 70).
  2. T-Mo

    I Just Had to Have One

    Found this Cub Cadet 100 on CL. Ad says it still runs, but needs a "car" battery. It has the 42 inch front blade with it. Ad also says it's a 1960, which we all know is incorrect since IH didn't sell their first L&G until 1961, and it was the Original. The 70 and 100 came out later, in 1963. Anyways, it doesn't run and has at least the starter/generator froze up, if no the engine (let's hope not!!!!). Seller it needs a coil, but I have to address that when I can access the engine and the S/G situation. It was a brother and sister who had it, it was their dad's who bought it new. They still have the operator's manual for it. Deck worn out long, long ago, and after seeing their yard, I can understand why. I told him the rear tires were on backwards, but he said they were always like that and I wasn't the first one to point that out. I didn't get it home until late last night, so the only pictures I have is from the ad.
  3. T-Mo

    59 with patina local sale

    If he gets 2K, I'll sell my 551 for half that!
  4. T-Mo

    17th Annual Cubarama

    These aren't mind, but here are images and videos from this year's Cubarama. https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-4nx9P7/
  5. T-Mo

    17th Annual Cubarama

    Thursday, yesterday, is usually set up day, so here is a picture from yesterday. I'm will be there this morning.
  6. T-Mo

    17th Annual Cubarama

    Sorry for the late notice, but if anyone is near Fredricktown, Missouri, the 17th annual Cubarama is being held this weekend, starting Thursday, the 27th, (set up day), Friday September 28, and Saturday September 29. It's held the last weekend of September each year in Fredricktown and is for the Farmball Cub and Cub Cadet, but basically anything IH related. Fredricktown is about 80 to 90 miles south of St. Louis.
  7. T-Mo

    I know .. I know ...

    I seen a picture of a Farmall Cub in back of a 8 foot bed full size pickup truck.
  8. T-Mo

    I know .. I know ...

    The John Deere 62, L and LA models were designed to be used on truck farms, small family farms and basically to do the same job as the Farmall Cubs were designed to do. The Cubs came a few years after the John Deere L series. I would love to have one of the Ls or LAs some day to compliment my two Farmall Cubs.
  9. T-Mo


    Seeing this thread, we might want to have a thread on the most you hauled at one time. I see several posts that have a lot of tractors in one haul.
  10. T-Mo

    wanted 48" mower deck

    Post a wanted to buy ad in our classified section.
  11. T-Mo

    Best snow removal pictures

    I'm with Randy, snow and the cold of the winter can stay away. As for me, I would rather look at the snow removal pictures than have to actually remove snow.
  12. T-Mo

    312-8 pto safety switch removal

    Defeating safety switches isn't such a good idea and should only be done for the individual that will be using it, and should be reversible when and if the tractor goes to a new owner. On some tractor websites, it's against their policy to discuss defeating safety switches due to liability. We don't have that policy as far as I know, but digression should be applied here. Defeating safety switches might be okay for you, but what about the next owner, or even your spouse, parent, sibling or child that attempts to use that tractor when the safety switches have been defeated? I, myself, would not like to see this discuss here, but as I said, it isn't against policy.
  13. T-Mo

    1950 Farmall Cub In-progress

    That's an option I'm considering also. The previous owner had a leaf spring that we believe he was going to use to repair the runners. It's about the same width and thickness of the original runners.
  14. T-Mo

    1950 Farmall Cub In-progress

    Here is the Woods 59 mower after I cleaned it up a bit. As you can see, both runners aren't in the best of condition, especially the left runner, which is missing the runner part. I can get a new one for around $60, but that will have to wait. I might find one at Cub-Arama for a lot less, used.
  15. T-Mo

    1950 Farmall Cub In-progress

    Well, she's finished, sort of. Here are the "after" pictures. I'm not going to restore or refurbish this Cub, but leave it as is for the time being. I just wanted to get the wiring correct, fix some things and return some functionality. I removed the deck and removed a bent blade and power washed the deck. I still have to buy blades and a belt, but that may have to wait. I will be going to Cub-arama next month and will look for some bargains for both of my Farmall Cubs.