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  1. T-Mo

    1981 john deere 317

    True, the earlier 317s had the Series 1, but JD started to put in the Series II in 1982, I believe. Also, Deere offered a drop an Onan replacement kit for the Series I that had premature failures. The last 317 was in 1983, which Deere introduced which is considered one of the best L&G tractor (some say the best), the 318 which had the Onan engine. On a side note, the 314 and 317 which were built from 1979 to 1983 were the last JDs to offered a Kohler engine for years. They started to use mainly Onans, Yamnars, and Kawasaki engines until the STX line in the late 80s, which had the Kohler Commands in them.
  2. T-Mo

    1981 john deere 317

    For the older John Deere L&G stuff, go to WFM, www.wfmachines.com, and you will find a lot of good info. BTW, using JD Parts, here is your answer: 1/4" X 7/8 . https://partscatalog.deere.com/jdrc/sidebyside/equipment/57098/referrer/navigation/pgId/105847
  3. T-Mo

    B Series Wheels

    For those who hadn't browse youtube for Wheel Horse videos, probably don't know Craig has a few videos on there featuring his Wheel Horses, from plowing snow to plowing dirt. BTW, Craig, they are really nice videos. Keep them coming.
  4. T-Mo

    Wheel horse b-81

    Yes, you can put a rear lift on a work horse.
  5. T-Mo

    953 wheel weights

    I have a set of the inside weights on one of my two 953s.
  6. T-Mo

    Tractor question

    Some of this thread may help:
  7. T-Mo

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    Craig, We didn't get near as much as you guys to the north west of us, but we had about 9 inches, and an additional half inch yesterday. I used my '47 Cub to move it Saturday, and then again Sunday. That thing can push some snow, but I do wish I had a paved driveway though.
  8. T-Mo

    C series confusion

    Yes, there were a few incidents, mainly if the gas tank was above or near the battery. Gas fumes and sparks from batteries don't mix too well. Deere made a kit, that was free, to add covers to the battery or battery connections to reduce the chance of sparking. Up to a year or two ago, if you had the serial number of one of the tractors involved, you could go to a Deere dealer and get one free. Of course, some people were trying to sell these on ebay, even though anyone could get a kit free from Deere. I got a few from my dealer for my round fender John Deeres.
  9. T-Mo

    C series confusion

    Craig, you might be putting that tractor and blade to use this weekend - I know if you were in my part of Missouri you would be. We're supposed to get a lot of snow, I heard amounts from 8 inches to 13 or more for this area.
  10. T-Mo

    1949 Farmall cub.

    I'm not too sure how far you will go, but there is one listed on the Farmall Cub site for $750, a late '49. He did mentioned he might go as low as $700. It's in the Jacksonville, NC area, so it would be a drive for you.
  11. T-Mo

    1949 Farmall cub.

    Sorry to hear this. Judging from the pictures I've seen it was well worth the asking price. At least he texted you first, before the day you were going to get it. It doesn't make up entirely for him breaking his word about holding it, but at least he did let you know beforehand it's sold.
  12. T-Mo

    1949 Farmall cub.

    Here are some pictures of my '50 with the front end off. Noticed the trailer jack bolted to the implement mounting area on the tractor. The jack is resting on the deck with blocks underneath the deck where the jack mount is. This was supporting the tractor since removed the front end to get to the crank seal. I wish I had a picture of the tool we used to remove the crank pulley - it also involved a jack.
  13. T-Mo

    1949 Farmall cub.

    I have two Farmall Cubs, a '47 (first year of the Cub), and a '50. Things to look for are things like a cracked steering bolster. Check for cracks on the engine mount areas, torque tube, spindles, etc. Check to see if there are leaks around the front crank seal, final drives, transmission, etc. Check for play in the steering. Check the turning brakes and brakes in general. Tires are expensive, especially the rear tires, so check the condition of those. Does it have the touch control hydraulics, which is nice if you plan to use the tractor? Or is it manual lift? Any implements or attachments, which can be expensive to buy? Does it still have the original 6V system or has it been converted to 12V? If converted, was it done properly. If not, be sure the negative cable is to the positive terminal. Some of these things will require the tractor to be split apart, which you will need the proper tools and equipment when splitting, and also the proper tools to remove the crank pulley. You can cause damage to the pulley and engine if you don't have the proper tools for this, and if you don't have the know how and the proper tools for supporting the tractor if needs to be split, can be dangerous. These are great tractors, but for a 70 year tractor, things will wear out, and other things and repairs may not have been done properly and with the right replacement parts. For instance, on my '50, I change the oil and the oil filter, and the previous owner had substituted the wrong filter and had to jerry rigged something to take of the space inside the filter housing. Also, wiring was a mess and the 6V system was backwards, the tractors if still with the original 6V system are positive to ground. Here is a video (not mine) of some things to look for. It's a bit long, around 20 or so minutes, but it's worth a watch. Also, register and visit www.farmallcub.com. If you register there and have two posts, you can download manuals they have there. Yesterday, since it was so nice out, I cleaned out the garage and took some pictures of my Cubs.
  14. T-Mo

    new old guy here with my first Wheel Horse

    @tom coffey welcome, Tom. I believe you're on farmallcub.com also. Anyways, welcome to Red Square.
  15. T-Mo

    Cub Cadet

    The only Cadet 70 I could find was the Cub Cadet 70 garden tractor made from 1963 to 1965. Late 70's lawn tractors included the 76, Spirit of 76, 80, and 81, but I'm sure there were others. I don't have any literature for the lawn tractors for the early to mid 70s. That one could be a 76 which was made from '72 to '76.