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  1. Teddy da Bear

    Possible GT14 I found ??

    Offer $300... I have 2 of the 1970 models.
  2. Teddy da Bear

    Thoughts and Prayers for T.D.B.

    I just had a preverbial "heart attack". (I opened the bill). There is now a little dispute between the medical center and the insurance company. And you guessed it.....they leave us in the middle. You can only imagine what a 20 day stay in the hospital costs. That plus the operation and doctor's fees. I think they will straighten it out...but it sure makes for a blood pressure SURGE!
  3. Teddy da Bear


    The first number you gave 1-37451 belongs to a 1969 workhorse 700 Here is the link http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=Toro+Consumer&mn=1-3745 753 was made in 1963 (3 = 63, being the last digit in the decal number)
  4. Teddy da Bear

    42" side discharge

    Not sure if all the 42" decks are the same.... Do you have the model and serial number from the deck?
  5. Teddy da Bear

    C160 8 speed

    I have become an advocate of the side discharge deck myself. I went many a year using a rear discharge deck. Everytime going downwind......got my hair and neck full of grass and dirt.
  6. Teddy da Bear

    New for this weekend

    Nice score! Kelly.....you need to update your signature....lol I have a feeling your not declaring an honest figure :drool:
  7. Teddy da Bear

    C160 8 speed

    Devin? Why did you put the sad face on the paragraph where you wrote about the trade? Weren't you happy with the trade? Glad you got a tractor you wanted. We guys don't stand a chance around Devin. He has for the most part bartered for his wheel horses...and somehow has bartered himself up to 12 or 13 tractors......wow... :omg:
  8. Teddy da Bear

    C-160 8speed

    I have had Tecumsehs......ran well... One in the lawnranger is still going.... ummm....that is 46 years now? It is likely to become your favorite tractor....lol
  9. Teddy da Bear

    C-160 8speed

    Nice score! Perhaps it has been repowered with a kohler? Let us know... :drool:
  10. Teddy da Bear


    Purdy! I hope mine looks as nice someday.
  11. Teddy da Bear


    Nice Score! But your date imprinted on your pics says you got them last year... :thumbs:
  12. Teddy da Bear

    Stack style mufflers

    HorseOfCourse...I hope it isn't "voices".... Tractors.....that is a sharp looking tractor.....even like the white deck. I think they sound a little deeper in bass...not the higher pitched sound of the stock muffler.
  13. Teddy da Bear

    who knows the type of these wheel horse

    And if I have not done so before... Can we get some more info? Does your tractor still have the build tag on the side of the dash tower? There will be a model and serial number.... Then one of us can tell you what you have. I don't see it in the pictures....but maybe it got painted over? I was thinking C-100 or C120 auto too Sparky... It has a very dangerous condition with what looks like the fuel line hanging out under the PTO in the pic.
  14. Teddy da Bear

    60" deck under GT-14???

    If Nick says the 520 deck is heavier....I wonder if I have a transplant? I can hardly lift this deck.
  15. Teddy da Bear

    I Have a few questions

    For the tiller......if the belt is a good one and still comes off (I had this problem too)....get down and eyeball from the front (where you can see the entire length of the belt) and see if all the pulleys are in line. You can also use some sort of straight edge (if you have one) to check the alignment. So many times my tiller belt would just work it's way off after a short period of time. I discovered the idler pulley on the tiller itself had a bad bearing and wobbled slightly causing the belt to come off. All those pulleys must not wobble. And for the switch? I believe all horses of those years used a standard metal toggle switch.