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  1. A snow blower lift rod and flag. These were used on my B-80 but will fit other models with the front mounted snow blower. In excellent shape; not bent or rusty. Asking 50 if you pick them up as the rod is long and would be difficult to ship. Live in zip 21047.
  2. DenisM

    Poor Snow Thrower Performance?

    Looks like I need to do some metal work on my auger and housing. Will probably wait till the weather warms and hope our luck holds here as far as the snow is concerned.
  3. DenisM

    Poor Snow Thrower Performance?

    The chain is a bit loose but has never jumped on the socket. I did run through deeper pile of snow at the end of the drive way where the county trucks had plowed. The thrower seemed to push the snow rather than throwing it. After looking at the auger center where the two sides come it seems a bit worn; as there is quite a bit of clearance between the auger and the housing. Any body have an idea what the clearance should be?
  4. DenisM

    Poor Snow Thrower Performance?

    My blower is an older one that has wheels not skids. They are about as low as they can be adjusted.
  5. So far this winter, we have been extremely lucking as far as snow is concerned. I live about 20 miles north of Baltimore and we have only got dusting until last night. Snow ended up about 3 or 4 inches so I was able to use my snow thrower for the first time. It's a 42" with side boards mounted on a B-80. It does not throw the snow but a few feet. The clutch and belt are not slipping; but it seems the auger is not spinning fast enough. Changed the belt to the larger engine pulley with only a slight improvement. My questions: Was the snow deep enough for the thrower to work properly? How close to the pavement will these throwers clear; seems like a lot of snow was left on the driveway after I went over it? How many teeth are on the jack shaft and auger shaft chain pulleys and what is the proper diameter of the belt pulley on the jack shaft? How can one measure the auger itself to tell if the edges are worn and causing too much clearance inside the thrower? Thanks for any help. My wife is a bit mad after all the braging I did about how good this Wheel Horse is. She was watching and made some comments about how poorly the thrower performed.
  6. DenisM

    Snow Blower Repair

    Wheels are no longer avalible from Toro; I tried to get 2 of them. I ordered some from Mc Master Carr and modified them to fit.
  7. I am making a few repairs to my 36" snow blower getting ready for winter. I figure if I am well prepaired we won't get much snow this year. The blower I have is the older style with the 2 wheels. Newer blower have skids in place of the wheels. Any comments as to which arrangement is better? Any differences in use, such as turning or hanging up on irregular surfaces, for those that have used both types?
  8. DenisM


    I bought a set of 22 7.50 12 tire chains from Ken Jones; however they are way too big for my tires. When I called them up the fellow told the chains I bought fit many different size tires. Is it possible to buy chains to fit only one size tire so links don't have to be removed? If so where?
  9. DenisM


    I'm getting ready for the winter snows. Put on some wheels weights now I need a set of chains. The tires are 22 x 750 x 12 but I haven't been able to find this size chain. Any body know where they can be purchased?
  10. DenisM

    Pulley noise on motor

    Mine makes the noise engaged or disengaged. The bolts labeled 41 are tight and the pulley # 43 is not rubbing. What is the shaft part # 40 connected to and how is it connected?
  11. DenisM

    Pulley noise on motor

    I have the same problem on a B-80. I replaced bearing # 36; bearing 38 and shaft # 40 were in excellent condition with almost no wear. Still have the noise after I got done. All the other parts in the pulley look good. Is there something else that can cause this wining noise? When I had the pulley off I ran the engine but there was no noise??
  12. DenisM


    I bought a Wheel Horse a while back; little did I realize these things are highly additive as I now have 6 of them. My latest is a 312-8 and I would like to get an operators and parts manual. I went to the Toro site but them don't have manuals for this tractor to download or to buy. Could some who has these manuals help me out. I would like to purchase original; or copies of these 2 manuals. Also the B and C series tractors seem very similar to the newer 312-8 I just bought. What are the differences between these 3 models?
  13. I recently purchased a '66 876 tractor. While cleaning it up and checking it over today, I noticed the + side of the battery is grounded. The electrical drawing in the manual I have shows a - ground. However the tractor starts right up, runs fine and the battery has kept charged. How can this be? Seems like the starter and generator would not work and the points would foul quickly with this reversed polarity. Any comments or sugestions? I would like to get this back to the correct polarity? WHat is envolved to do this??
  14. DenisM

    876 Brakes

    If I'm on flat ground and my foot is on the brake the tractor won't move. If I'm moving on flat ground and hit the brake the tractor slows down and finally stops. If I'm on a hill and hit the brakes the tractor will not stop. It will roll to the bottom of the hill before it stops. Since I have some hills on my property this is not a good situation. I can get the same effect by simply moving the control lever to neutral position. It seems this is all the brake petal does is move the lever back to neutral.
  15. DenisM

    876 Brakes

    I recently bought a '66 Model 876. Runs good; however it doesn't stop well. I have an exploded parts view and I can't find any friction brake. Anybody know how the brakes work on this tractor?