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  1. Anthony Wendover

    94 312-8 Governor question

    Thank you both. I put it in first hole and adjusted the bracket. The spring in the governor is in the middle hole. Still unable to get the throttle lever to fully control it. Only half of it. But in other news the crappy replacement fuel pump that are plastic just broke the side fitting off of it so I'm not thrilled I gave up for now :/
  2. Anthony Wendover

    94 312-8 Governor question

    Here are some pictures. I haven't had this tracctor working for two years haven't had time to fix it. Now I'm using it again and just found this issue with it. Iv tried hooking the cable threw a different eyelet and have tried moving it up or down in the holder for it. So I have a wider range with the lever. Like I said when the lever on dash is all the way up I have full throttle and before I get it to half way down it's already on low throttle.
  3. Anthony Wendover

    94 312-8 Governor question

    Well I got the fuel line all figured out correctly now however I still only have a little working travel of throttle. Not smooth at all. It's either on high throttle and if I move the lever down just a bit it's at low throttle before the dash lever even gets half way down. Idk what's going on.
  4. Anthony Wendover

    94 312-8 Governor question

    Thank you so much! shows everything very good!!! One more question.. how much does that spring bend when you have it completely idled down? Mine really twists and shoves way out in the middle and pushed up against the fuel line to carb and wore a small hole in the line.
  5. Anthony Wendover

    94 312-8 Governor question

    Looking to see if anyone has pictures of the governor and throttle cable setup on a Kohler M12S. I an issue where my throttle cable will go up and down fine and it will move the piece that it goes into. However it doesn't move the governor smoothly and the spring binds up. So i am at either high idle or low idle in about a quarter inch of the lever on the dash moving. The rest of the time going midway or all the way down does nothing. i am trying to figure this out. As well as how the spring is positioned around the fuel line to the carb
  6. Anthony Wendover

    Lawn striper?

    Do you have any pictures of your conversion? I was thinking of using one of toros current kits for a zero turn and mocking it up to work on the wheel horse deck.
  7. Anthony Wendover

    Engine may have seized?

    Ok another quick update. The line had fuel but the pump is not pumping it up. I by passed the line to the fuel pump and it's not picking up any fuel at all. I pulled the fuel pump apart and not sure what I see that's wrong. Also the little hole in the block the back of the pump goes in does that just sit in there?
  8. Anthony Wendover

    Engine may have seized?

    I am not getting any fuel through the line from the tank. So looking into that right now. Outing fuel pump back together as well
  9. Anthony Wendover

    Engine may have seized?

    Hey guys been gone for a long time been super busy over the last couple years. Tractor has been under a tarp and am just now getting to work on it. UPDATE I pulled the head off of it and everything is moving freely as it should. So i checked spark and the plug is sparking just fine. Did a compression test on the engine and got about 125. I am possibly thinking this is fuel related. I pulled the bowl off the carb and it was bone dry. I am not getting any fuel through the line. So i am thinking its a possible fuel pump issue. That or the valve on the tank went bad. The tractor wants to crank but wont turn over it does sound like its starving for fuel. I took a video of it trying to start i could upload. Anyway just trying to rack more brains. Sorry for bumping this thing up but still stuck on it!
  10. Anthony Wendover

    Engine may have seized?

    I think ill rebuild the carb and check the full line again.. It started in the spring it would randomly lose some power you could hear it in revs and then it would still run and be fine and mow. Then i noticed a throttle cable kept going down over bumps so i replaced that and i had good full revs.. then there was no noise it just started slowing down then shut off i started it again no noise then shut off.. Now it doesn't start at all.. But you can crank on it and hear it spin there is no weird sounds at all it just doesn't start at all.. Fingers crossed the fuel line is plugged or its a dirty carb. I can also freely turn the motor by hand too so maybe coil maybe fuel?
  11. Anthony Wendover

    Engine may have seized?

    Hey guys been a while since iv posted to bad my return is cause of a possible seized engine I was mowing with it back in october and it started to lose power slowly and shut off. I was able to restart it for a second and then same thing it lost power like bogged down and died. It has been restarted since. But if you try to crank on it to turn it over it sounds very healthy and normal. So i am not sure what to look for. Any ideas on what i should look for? I pulled the head off and everything seemed fine to me. want to get my baby going again and ready for the snow. any help or tips would be appreciated May have helped to say its a 312-8 horse with a 12hp kohler mag on it
  12. Anthony Wendover

    Gator Blades?

    guys thanks for all of the help! I was going to try them because I have a giant willow tree out front and it drops twigs and branches daily, that and a lot of the front yard is dirt thanks to ants and moles last year. Was going to see if they cut better and stayed sharper longer.. The backyard though is thick green grass so not sure how they would do there.
  13. Anthony Wendover

    Gator Blades?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if tractor supply sells any gator blades that will go on my 48inch wheel horse deck? My gut is telling me know but thought id ask and check.
  14. Anthony Wendover

    Tractor Help...

    darn.. any idea what that job entails or the price>?
  15. Anthony Wendover

    Tractor Help...

    Starter runs and sounds like an electric motor to be 100% accurate in my description